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MassSave – Saving Energy & Reducing Costs

As we have all learned how important saving energy is to our environment and future generations, we are also looking for ways to reduce costs.

How many of you are familiar with MassSave

They do FREE energy assessments within your home (and business too).  They have rebates, incentives, a list of potential existing programs that people may use based on income.

Is it worth looking at their website – absolutely.  Can you benefit – nearly every one of us can.

If you do nothing else but get an energy assessment – this is quoted from their website

Your no-cost Home Energy Assessment includes: Personalized report outlining recommended energy efficiency improvements Installation of no-cost immediate savings measures such as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), programmable thermostats, and water saving devices, as needed

  • Screening for eligibility for the ENERGY STAR® refrigerator rebate
  • Air Sealing and Insulation specification, if applicable
  • Infrared Testing, if applicable
  • Combustion Safety Testing

I tell all my clients to be sure to make the call and get an energy assessment done.  Help the environment and put money back into your pocket

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