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Got Clutter? Get Staged! – guest blogger Jan Poulian

Have you ever walked into a space that had clutter – things all over the place, no sense of order?  How does that make you feel?  I myself want to turn around and leave. 

Especially if you are selling your home, you want people to see the outstanding aspects of your home and not get caught up with piles of things – papers, clothes, mail etc.  Or perhaps you like to collect little elephants, pieces of glass, pictures and paintings.  Again you don’t want people to get caught up in your world – rather in your house.  So declutter becomes the word for the day.  Thanks to Jan Poulian from Perfectly Staged for you. 

A staging consultation becomes an action plan for our clients.

We provide homeowners with a detailed list of maintenance issues, items to be removed, and of course reinforce less is always more. Getting staged is a great way to get your home ready for the market. A professional evaluation provides you with the tools you will need and will motivate you to get started.

At Perfectly Placed For You, we took our own advice. Because, we know all too well that being organized will help us be more productive. We believe our advice is extremely valuable, so we took note.

Our 1500 square foot warehouse stores our inventory. We own well over 100 pillows and wall hangings. In
order to keep them visible we store them on stacked shelves, color-coded of course and sized, for easy viewing and pulling. Our rugs are kept rolled up. So, we took pictures of them. This way we know which ones are in stock, and which are out on a job. To keep paper down to a minimum we purchased a portable scanner. We use it for copying receipts, and we keep copies of client documents on the cloud vs. inside a filing cabinet, or worse on top of our desks. By keeping ourselves organized, we feel confident offering solutions to our clients……

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