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Is Home Staging an Investment….of Just an Expense — from Green Apple Staging in Canada

I found this article posted by Green Apple Staging in Canada.  The theory rings true nearly 3 years later and in our markets here as well.  It’s definitely worth the read.     Joan Parcewski  Woods Real Estate
March 23, 2010

Is Home Staging an Investment . . . or Just an Expense?

This is a question on many home sellers minds! Here in Calgary, I think the home selling market is just awakening to the concept of Home Staging.

Perhaps HGTV has does its part in spreading the word about Home Staging, but I think many home owners are still skeptical when it comes to laying down some of their hard earned cash. Especially when it’s a home they want to sell — not invest in further.

I don’t blame these home owners and sellers – I don’t like parting with money that needn’t be spent, either!

The reality, though, is that home buying has changed. Buyer’s expectations have been elevated by all those TV shows, and home decor magazines and show homes . . . and even your home selling competition.

Everybody has to work a little harder to sell a house than before, and when the house down the street does a mini facelift, you need to compete with that, too. A buyer is looking at both properties — not just yours.

The general rule of thumb is that a seller should invest up to 1% of their home’s value getting it ready for sale. This includes any deferred home maintenance, some painting, pre-packing and decluttering . . . and then styling or staging to create an inviting presentation.

So, for an average home of $400,000, that’s $4,000 to get it ready to sell.  That sounds like a lot!

But consider the alternative . . . you choose not to spend anything in preparing your home.

A Brooklyn Bathroom – exclusive guest post by Megan Gates


Brooklyn‘s design trends of 2012 are unique and fun. There are numerous cool new fashion trends that have emerged and some do not even require an interior designer to implement. Let’s take a look at how these two design trends can give Brooklyn homes a fresh new look.


Bathroom areas must be clean, fresh, appealing and inviting to keep a homebuyer interested. Some designers are adding uniquely designed bathtubs to bathrooms to tempt even the most die-hard shower fans into the tub.


For instance, one designer added a stone-based bathtub to a New York home that weighs nearly a ton. The free-standing bathtub is a work of art as it sits, stately, in the bathroom. Many people cannot help but marvel at its beauty and give the bathtub a try. Most people fall in love with one soak. This is yet another way that New Yorkers can heal and enjoy their homes without ever leaving.


Glass vessel sinks are popular in 2012. These vessel sinks are like modern works of art. An ordinary bathroom is transformed with a simple replacement of a sink. The cost is small compared to the value that it could add to a home. Every homeowner should consider updating the bath with a vessel sink to remain up-to-date with the latest trends.



Most designs are made of all natural stone materials. The decorative accents include glass or ceramic tile, metals, hardwood, marble and bamboo. The freestanding tubs emerge from the floor similar to how vessel sinks sit atop the basin. When the tubs are freestanding, they are often the focal point of the room. Many Brooklyn homes feature black stone instead of the traditional white porcelain tubs. Black is making quite a statement. When paired with lime green, baby blue or ruby red tile, the tub can make quite the statement.


Adding the latest design trends can update the home and make the home feel fresh and new. Some changes may even improve a home’s value. Whether shopping for a new home or updating an existing home, consider some of these popular designs.

Megan Gates is from Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate Company (NYC)




Is your property for sale decorated or staged? – guest blogger Jan Poulain

Jan Poulain from staging company, Perfectly Placed For You, is back again with some great reminders when getting your home ready for sale.  Take a look at your home.  Is it decorated or staged?

Sellers often believe that they are market ready because they have a beautifully decorated home, and that may well be the case; however there are distinct differences between staging and decorating.

Decorating is the art of making design choices based on personal taste in order to create a dwelling that successfully reflects the homeowner’s style and even a bit about who they are.

Staging is the art of specifically styling a property so that it will resonate with the largest number of potential buyers for the express purpose of selling that property.

Both staging and decorating require implementing a variety of design principles with very different intended results.

Here are few questions designed to help you evaluate each staged space:

Are you still displaying family photos and/or religious or culturally inspired art?

Are your color choices appealing to a large number of people and would a variety of furnishings work within the space?

Does any room still have wallpaper?

Is the furniture within the space reflecting the rooms function?

Are you showing off maximum square footage by eliminating excess furnishings?

Remember that every buyer is as individual as you are, so try and present them with an opportunity to imagine a new home in their own special way.


Jan Poulain   Perfectly Placed for You

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