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Trampolines Increase Insurance Risks – Reprint from

My thanks to James O’Connell from James O’Connell Insurance in Billerica for bringing this to my attention.  How many homes do you drive by that you find a trampoline in the yard.  I personally know of one down the street from my house.  Do people realize that it is an insurance risk.

While at a neighborhood barbecue this summer, I noticed a new trampoline. “How fun for the kids,” I mentioned to the homeowner. “Oh yes, just don’t tell my insurance agent,” was her quick reply.

Sounds like this neighbor did some homework, but certainly not enough. Trampolines, while fun for the family, are dangerous and will increase your insurance risk.

Trampolines Are Dangerous
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, backyard trampolines are responsible for 100,000 visits to the emergency room each year, making them more dangerous than backyard pools.

Trampolines Are Not Covered Under Some Homeowners’ Policies
As this neighbor knew, some companies might not insure your property if you have a trampoline, or they might have policy exclusions for any liability related to trampoline injuries. In fact, insurance companies can deny coverage or cancel a policy if a trampoline is not disclosed.

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