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Cigarette Smoke and How It Can Affect Your Home as You Get Ready to Sell

For those who have smoked for many years in their home and are now starting to get ready to sell, here is some great information from Kevin Coates, our guest blogger from Servpro, as they prepare a home for sale where second hand smoke is visible in the property.  Do any of us ever think about this? Thanks to Kevin for making us think about this.

It has always been a big topic in our society about how bad Smoking and second hand smoke really is. The reason I bring this debate up is we are in the process of doing a thorough cleaning of a home that and individual has purchased from a family that has been smoking  for over 30 years. I have attached pictures that show how bad the nicotine is, and could not imagine what the inside of somebody’s lungs would look like.







I am also showing how Servpro Billerica can even prepare homes in this sort of condition , and make it marketable in this market we are all faced with.

Kevin Coates                Servpro Billerica/Tewksbury    

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