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Staying Healthy helps you maintain your energy

You might ask what has staying healthy have to do with real estate.  Well when you think about it, buying or selling a home takes lot of energy and stamina.  Staying in shape, eating healthier – gives you the stamina you need to do these and many other things. 

I would like to welcome our new guest bloggest Annette Presseau.  Annette is a Reliv distributor.  If you don’t know what Reliv is, checkout her website at the end of this article and find out for yourself.  In the meantime take some ideas from the article and make them your own.  We want you full of energy and stamina as you prepare to buy or sell. 

How do you start your year healthy?

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to improve your health and eating habits?  Every year I look to improve my health and eating habits and put that on my New Year’s resolution list.  Do I falter oh yes many times but I keep on trying.  I have left over chocolate bars from Halloween and they keep calling me to just have one bite – just one and then I’m hooked but alas I did read that chocolate was good for you so maybe just one is ok. J  I continue to fight the battle with my health because I like food.   To offset the days when I don’t eat right I cut back on meals and I try to eat things that are healthy and I also take a powered nutritional supplement.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution list look like?  Were you able to do just one thing from your list this January?  This year I’ve added the months (ex: January) with my resolution so I can work toward getting the resolution done.  I’ve heard it said that if you put a date with your list you are more apt to achieve it.  One thing on my list is to lose weight by November 2012 so that I can enjoy the food next holiday season!

What’s on your health list for 2012?

What have you done in the past to improve your health?  Are you tired all the time?  Are you stressed? (Aren’t we all!)  Have you done meditation or Yoga to help?  None of us have the time but at least we think about doing what is good for our health.  There are so many UTube videos online about health to watch.  Even 15 minutes of meditation would help us to relax.

Maybe on your health list is to donate to worthy causes that make people healthy.  If you look at helping stop diseases like Measles in other countries then check out to help children and vulnerable populations to fight Measles and save lives.



Stress and weight loss:

Lately I saw a show on TV talked about stress and how it affects us and that meditation and Yoga are great for relieving stress even adding 15 minutes of exercise two times a day helps to lose weight and relieve stress. There are also plenty of other things that you can do for stress like an art class which can relieve stress. Check out the art class at Colleen Sgroi’s website:  People have told me that Art class is very relaxing and you forget about the stresses of life.  I have taken Colleen Sgroi’s classes and they are very relaxing.

This year I plan to learn how to do Yoga, meditation and exercise or at least add it to my list of resolutions.   My goal is to do one thing a month from my list to get healthy.

And if you’re tired all the time this could be a sign of a severe health issue like high blood pressure so don’t ignore how you are feeling and see a doctor.  January is the month to wind down and regain your strength back from all that stress.  The days are shorter and colder and we do feel drained from the holidays or at least I know I do but I always look for things to do to make me happy or at least feel better.  Definitely, I need more exercise but going to the gym didn’t work out for me I didn’t go most of the time so that is out but I have added to my list fun exercises like skiing, skating, tubing, walking, dancing etc.!

The secret to losing weight is about burning more calories than you eat. That seems simple enough, but if were really that simple, none of us would have a weight problem!  The real secret to weight loss is to make small, lasting changes. The key is to forget about instant results and settle in for the long run.  Check out this website on the basics of weight loss:   One of the best exercises on this website is just waking.  I have read that walking 15 minutes twice a day is as good as walking for half an hour but any exercise will help with weight loss.  This website also talks about calculating your BMR (basal metabolic rate) to help with weight loss (very interesting).

Eating habits:


Well, what about your eating habits?  A recent Harvard study found that those who ate breakfast regularly were less likely to become obese, compared to those who skipped it. Meal skipping also can slow down your metabolism. Your body needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients each day for normal function. Denying the body these essential elements throws the system into survival mode, slowing metabolism and encouraging the storage of fat.

Instead of cutting calories from your day, meal skipping tends to lead to overeating later. A grumbling stomach can make you lose control by late afternoon, taking over any will power as you dive into that bag of chips or candy bar. Think about eating Yogurt or a handful of almonds or even making up your own healthy snack check out this website for ideas: .  Have you ever noticed that after you eat those unhealthy foods that you don’t feel much better?

Maybe a small glass of red wine at the supper meal would be healthy at least according to the latest news check out this website on red wine:  it sounds like a good thing to start doing.  Also, drinking more water and getting more fiber in your diet besides getting enough sleep are ways to keep healthy and of course the big one – exercising.  For me what I have found is that exercising usually helps to take the weight off but everyone is different as to what works for them.    Drinking water is also a great way to curve hunger if you drink a glass of water ½ hour before you eat it will curve your appetite.

Check out this website on 10 weight loss tips:  and the Mayo Clinic has a great website on “Weight loss goals:  10 tips for success” check it out:  the site also talks about slow metabolisms and a BMI calculator.  Both these websites have some great ideas!

Soy and cholesterol:

I would like to incorporate more soy products in my meals so that I’m eating healthier.  Did you know that the scientific community acknowledges the heart health benefits of soy, a claim validated in 1999 by the Food and Drug Administration? Studies show that lunasin, a naturally occurring peptide found in soy, is largely responsible for soy’s cholesterol-lowering properties.  Also, adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals helps to eat healthy.  Check out the new food pyramid:

Most people also don’t get enough fiber in their diet fiber has been shown to remove toxins in our body, relive constipation and lowers the risk of hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis, while it supports growth of “good guy” bacteria in the colon.  In addition, fiber lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure while reducing inflammation that can lead to heart disease.  Fiber also makes you feel fuller longer so you’re likely to eat less!  Fiber is a good guy! Look to eat foods high in fiber but don’t forget to drink plenty of water to work with the fiber.

January is National Oatmeal Month and Cervical Health Awareness Month:

Did you know that January is National Oatmeal Month?  More oatmeal is consumed in January than any other month. Some breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar.  Have you every checked the ingredients of cereals?  It’s scary what is in some cereals half the stuff I cannot pronounce!  Oatmeal is the one cereal that you can control your sugar intake.  In my opinion sugar is very addictive at least it has been for me and cutting back on sugar is a good thing for your health!

There are 50 new websites on the Internet pertaining to Best Healthcare Blogs:  There is no shortage of information to help us get healthy!

January is also Cervical Health Awareness Month.  The National Cervical Cancer Coalition stresses the importance of screening and prevention during January Cervical Health Awareness Month.  Approximately 11,000 American women will learn they have cervical cancer this year.  Nearly 4,000 women will die from an advanced form of the disease.  For more information on Cervical Health Awareness Month, visit

That four letter word “DIET”!

I’ve read that yo-yo dieting is not good for the body but most of us have done it including me. Every time I remind myself that I need to diet it seems that I crave food more and gain weight! When I have dieted I will give myself one day a week to eat what I’m graving in food and that helps me to go back on my diet plan for the next week.

A friend of mine dieted by cutting down on most of the foods that he liked he did lose weight but didn’t feel good afterwards because the key in my opinion is to eat a healthy and balance diet so that you feel energized. Eating a balanced diet is one of the keys to success in losing weight. Sometimes a person just needs to cut back on what they eat for instance instead of eating the whole meal at dinner eat a portion of it or instead of the entire desert eat only half of it. Also, frozen foods are loaded with salt and preservatives so cut back on them if possible. This is an interesting website about eating 3 servings of fat free yogurt a day in that it will help you lose weight: . I have read that a person should not eat after 8 p.m. in the evening because you will gain weight unless you go to the gym afterwords!

It is always a good idea to keep a record of your weight loss and weight yourself only once a week at the same time and you will see your progress as you lose the weight. Don’t get discouraged if the weight doesn’t come off quickly it is better for the weight to come off slowly that way the weight is more apt to stay off.

Check out this ezine website on 100 effective, healthy and harmless weight loss tips that help with weight loss: Very interesting!

Keep in mind a diet that works for one person might not work for another and use your judgment when starting a diet plan. Crash diets might work for awhile but play havoc on your body.

Maintaining a healthy weight:

Maintaining weight loss can be as much of a challenge as losing the weight in the first place. In fact, one weight loss study showed that 80 percent of participants who lost weight gained it back within five years. Your weight loss problem — it could be in your brain. Experts say weight loss is as much a psychological battle as it is a physical one.  I know that every time I think of the word “diet” I want to eat more so I look at food differently in that I’ll look at that donut and think “how long will it take for me to burn the calories off?” and usually that stops me from eating it!  You will be amazed at how much you can lose in weight just by changing your thought process.

Most people lose weight quickly then the weight loss slows down and they get discouraged and stop but they forget that losing weight is a lifelong battle and you need to be committed to doing it all the time.  A few of my friends have done Weight Watchers and have lost a lot of weight but then they went off the plan and gained all the weight back and more then they went back to Weight Watchers again to get the weight off.

A Yale School of Nursing study interviewed 18 women who had maintained weight loss for an average of seven years. The most common factor among them was participation in a formal weight loss program. A formal weight loss plan might involve keeping track of your food intake, exercise recommendations or meetings with other dieters.

To food journal or not that is the question:

If you’re not recording your food intake, it’s easy to fall into denial about how many calories you’ve actually consumed. A study by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research showed dieters who kept a food journal lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t. The study included 1,700 overweight or obese participants from around the U.S. The key to the diarists’ success was being able to visualize how much they were eating and identify problem patterns.

Do you have any new health goals for January, in keeping with New Year’s resolutions?  How do you plan to improve your health this month or this year?  I encourage you to assess your current health.  It’s a great opportunity to adjust your habits to improve your life.   What do you need to add or remove from your diet?  What do you need to start doing this year for exercise?  What has worked for you in the past?  What do you want to try this year?  Did you know that it takes 8 times to change a habit?  What have you done to lose the weight and has it worked?  Change a little at a time and keep doing it before you know it you will be doing it automatically and become healthier in the process!

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Well, thanks for reading about how to you start your year healthy.  I hope this blog entry encourages you to follow through with your own health goals for 2012.  It has helped me to put away those Hersey chocolate bars and start walking!

To your health!

Annette Presseau         Reliv Distributor (Billerica MA)           978-985-3878

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