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Business Networking Event In Billerica

If you are a local business owner – Billerica or surrounding communities – join the Billerica Business Network (BBN) – for its first networking event of the new year.   Here is the link to register for the event

The purpose of the BBN is to encourage support of local businesses – be it in Billerica or beyond.

For 2012 the BBN is encouraging the consumer to use local business wherever possible.  Local business is the foundation of each and every community.  It is where local organizations and residents go for support whenever there is a local event – a school event, a townwide event etc.  Shouldn’t the consumer, in turn, support that business?  Isn’t the business owner generally your neighbor, the parent of your child’s friend, perhaps your dentist, or dry cleaner?  Don’t they pay taxes in your community.

Towards this end the BBN is promoting Local Business Saturday – the last Saturday of the month – for each of the 12 months during 2012.  It is a spin off of Small Business Saturday started by the Small Business Division of American Express that has been promoted in November the last several years.

Supporting local business is a 365/366 day a year mindset.  It is important that, as business owners, we all take responsibility to promote ourselves and our fellow businesses in our communities as the first place to go when the consumer needs a service or a product.

The Billerica Business Network (BBN) is the brainchild of Jimmy McFeeley of (  Register for this event and help to put together a strategy of building Local Business Saturday into a local business first mindset for the consumer.

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