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Two Powerful Letters Amongst Redesigning – guest blogger Liz Larson

We hear today from Liz Larson, co-owner of Perfectly Placed for You.  Just want a new look for your home and need some help with that vision.  Call Perfectly Placed for You. 

By now you have heard us talk a lot about Staging; the process of getting a property ready for sale.  Why should sellers have all the fun? At Perfectly Placed For You, we offer Staging and Redesign services, allowing all homeowners the opportunity to assess their home for function, style and beauty.


A room redesign is a makeover for your space; however, the client’s existing furnishings are reworked into the space.  We never get tired of rearranging a room, repurposing an item, or swapping items between rooms to create a whole new look and feel to a space.  And, it’s all done at the perfect price point.  Free.


How can you determine if you are a candidate for a redesign?  Do you have a room that rarely gets used and wish to revisit it?  Or, maybe you are simply tired of its “look”, and would like to have it restyled. Did a room in your house recently become empty, and it needs to be repurposed?  Have your furnishings been in the same place for longer than 3 years…then is time to revamp , and schedule a redesign with a professional stylist.


Definition of Redesign:  to revise in appearance, function, or content

Let’s begin by empting the room so we can start with a clean slate.  Before we can bring back pieces we need to establish its function.  Now we can concentrate on the focal point of the room.  With a fresh beginning, we add pieces, one by one, purposefully choosing and placing each item.  Using existing pieces is part of the process, but it’s very likely some will be repositioned within the space. With your permission we “shop your home” for additional items to complete the new look of your room.  These items might even end up becoming the showpieces of the redesign.  Congratulations, it’s time to enjoy your new redesigned space.

If you have decided you are a redesign candidate, but don’t want to do it alone, we would be happy to assist you.


Liz Larson


Perfectly Placed For You

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