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Seniors In Transition Seminar – Billerica Public Library 4/30

Are you or a loved looking towards retirement – Have you thought about the length of time you could be in retirment- 20, 25, 30 years.  Have you thought about the potential transitions that could occur during that time, in addition to the obvious – that being probably not working full time, possibly working part time, possibly not working, depending on retirement assets, depending on social security – being health during your retirment, having medical challenges during retirement and more

Do you remain living on your own?  Do you live with family?  Do adjustments need to be made within the home?  How does that work?  How do you pay for that?  What else do you need to think about

If you should need to move into alternative situation are your assets protected?  You worked and saved hard your whole live.

These are difficult things to think about before hand – and even more difficult when things need to be decided at the last minute when some options might not be available to you any more.

Having gone through this with my parents I know first hand how families not talking about these things and making plans together early on makes it more stressful and potentially more costly when decisions need to be made and actions need to be taken

Join us on Wednesday April 30th from 7pm to 8:30pm at the Billerica Public Library on Concord Rd in Billerica MA to get answers to as many of these questions as time will allow and the names and contact informaton for professionals that can take it further for you.

The panel discussion is being hosted by Joan Parcewski, Senior Real Estate Specialist and Certified Senior Home Professional designee, from Woods Real Estate in Billerica.   Professional panelists include Craig Strauss from Strauss Wealth Management – Karol Bisbee, Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney (accredited by Veterans Administration) as well as registered nurse and co-author of “Protect Your Family! Don’t Writ a Blank Check to the Nursing Home” – Kathy Vasel, Mortgage Banker with Sage Bank in Wilmington – Peter Blaisdell, architect, and Priscilla Harcourt, architect assistant, from Kendall Tayler in Billerica (Aging in Place).

You can preregister at the Billerica Public Library website (as seating is limited) – by going to


Joan Parcewski, Woods Real Estate    O 978-262-9665   C 978-376-3978


Housing Opportunity Comes in an Ugly Box

Another great article by guest blogger Kathy Vasel of Sage Bank.  And this goes out not only to the buyers who may be on the fence but also to the sellers.  The same opportunity is out there for you as you will not only be selling your house but more than likely will also be buying one.  This is the time to put your home on the market and make your dreams happen.     Joan Parcewski, Woods Real Estate    O 978-262-9665   c 978-376-3978


Is it really an opportunity now to invest in real estate when it seems to be declining?  Or did you miss the boat?  Those are great questions! You will see why I believe it is still a great investment!  It is not only one of the reasons below but all of them to create this tidal wave of opportunity.   Opportunity doesn’t come in a pretty box with a bow for you to open…it is ugly.  The stars have never been better aligned to buy real estate.  If you wait the opportunity window will close.

Where are the interest rates?  Rates are currently at the lowest level in history.  Let me say that again…rates are at the lowest they have been in history.  Talk to your parents who may have bought their first home with an 18% interest rate.  Do not think the rates will stay where they are forever.  We have been spoiled and this is not reality.  Do not get fooled.  Normally interest rates follow gold prices.  Have you seen the way gold is growing in value?  The Feds are holding rates down which is not normal.   Interest rates are affected by stocks and bonds.  When the stocks decline, bonds improve and interest rates will go up.  The Feds job is to bring inflation to turn the market around.  Inflation helps the government but hurts people.  I predict as a nation the Feds have to have inflation and rates will go up.   The only good thing about inflation for the people is that their home values increase.

Let’s talk about population…there are 310 million people who need a place to live.  They either live in a home, need to buy a home, or rent which will absorb the real estate on the market.  There are approximately 15 million college students.  The normal tracks of life are to graduate, get married, and you guessed it buy a home.   Once they graduate and start buying real estate will soar and bring up values.

Historically, appreciation for real estate is a 6% average.  A great example of appreciation is when Manhattan was sold in the year 1600 for beads and cloth which was equally valued for $24.  If that money was invested into the bank the mathematical calculation with compounded interest would be worth over $200 billion today.  My point is everything appreciates historically even though currently you may not be seeing that appreciation.  So let’s say real estate may only grow in value at 2% to use worst case scenario.   Let’s use this example, if you were to purchase a home today for $100,000 and used $10,000 for a down payment.  With a 2% appreciation growth in that house you gain a $2,000 value.  Since you invested $10,000 that equals a 20% return on your investment.  Are you getting that in your bank account right now?  Not to mention, you will have tax deductions when you buy real estate which increases your wealth and net worth.

Are we at the bottom you might ask?  If the rental for a single family home is at $1,400 per month and you can get a mortgage payment for the same $1,400 per month it is an indication that we are at the bottom.  Oh and by the way, this is absolutely attainable right now.  However, you may be still thinking you want to make sure you get the cheapest purchase price you possibly can and want to still hold out and wait.  Or you may be afraid of overpaying.  If you buy when the market is still going down you are buying right.  Some thoughts you may have are:  I don’t want to settle on this market, I want to buy the cheapest price, I ‘m afraid to over pay.  Fear can turn to greed which may cause you your self inflicted loss.  Do you remember grandparents telling you I wish I bought when?  Don’t let this happen to you.  When the market rebounds and home prices start increasing you will have missed the boat.  When prices increase again that means that it is gone…the market sailed by you.

Are you a follower or a leader?  So here is the real question to think about.  If you are a leader you will do your own research and determine it is without a doubt a remarkable time to buy real estate.  Most leaders make their money when they don’t follow the crowd.  When the crowd starts making purchases it is too late to buy at the lowest level, because everyone is doing it and this causes values to increase.  Remember history repeats itself and what goes down must come up. In 1992 there were many articles written that will make you think you are reading about today’s news.   Do you remember what happened after 1992?  Did we have a real estate boom?

Educate yourself, buy smart…Buy Now!  Go find out about the ugly box of opportunity waiting for you.

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