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Report Finds Shortage of Athletic Fields in Bedford – Reprint from Bedford Patch

If you are looking in Bedford MA and have family members who play sports this may be of interest to you.  It is important to know about the area that you are considering to live.  Each of us has a different reason for considering a community.  This is but one consideration

The Bedford Selectmen commissioned the Outdoor Recreation Area Study Committee (ORASC) in June to analyze and report on the state of athletic fields in Bedford.

On Monday night the ORASC presented a draft of the report to the Selectmen and Town Manager Richard Reed, detailing a lack of supply of athletic fields in Bedford as well as a comprehensive plan for addressing this shortfall.

According to an inventory taken by the ORASC, Bedford has a total of 43 athletic fields 17 of which are categorize as multi-use, meaning several different sports can be played on those fields.

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