What Happens When A Loved One is Diagnosed with Alzheimers?

Unfortunately some of us have had that experience  – I know in my case it was my grandmother when I was in my early teens, my mother’s sister when my son was in his early teens, and then my mom about 14 years ago.  It is a cruel disease in so many ways.

And that is why one of my focuses in my real estate career is the elderly market.  It has its own very unique set of circumstances – one that affects the entire family.  Understanding that I have and will work as a team with other professionals to help the senior and their family through the maze of things that need to happen.

Of course also bear in mind that some seniors are also younger and just may decide to take a new road as they think about retiring.

So there are many roads this may take depending on how young or how old the senior is – medical condition, financial condition etc

One area is that of medical condition – and Alzheimers is just one of those areas.

Below is a link to a great article on how to handle the Alzheimer’s diagnosis in the family and with your loved one.


As an SRES (senior real estate specialist) I am ready to assist as part of your team.

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