Add Value and Style to Your Backyard with a Shed – guest blogger Ivy Delfin



Having a backyard is so important, and such a great pleasure. It gives context to your house, separates your house from the rest of the world and also gives you your very own outdoor area. My backyard wouldn’t really feel like my backyard without my shed in it. I have heard that a shed increases the value of your property quite a lot, and that might or might not be true. For me, having a shed is all about the great experience of using it. It also looks great in my yard.


My shed has become like a home within my home, it’s where I go to relax, to do my most exciting projects. It’s probably easier than you think to get your shed set up. It will depend on how complex your shed is. Speak to a shed specialist like Steel Chief because you might not have even thought about how a shed could change your life if you don’t have one. I hadn’t! With a shed, you can get all of those projects that you’ve dreamed about on the way, things like building or fixing a bicycle, or building a bedroom set from scratch. Or maybe it could be a really valuable storage space that liberates your home. If you want to keep valuables in your shed and need it to be secured, there are measures that can be taken. You can do something like dig the steel walls (if you’re using steel walls) very deep into the ground, and padlocking and reinforcing entryways.


I saw some hilarious things on the internet about doing DIY sheds, but I wasn’t brave enough myself. There are so many varieties of shed, from industrial sheds to extended garages and garden sheds to American barns. Any kind of storage space or workshop needs can be sated within the parameters of the little old shed. I decided to put windows in my sh

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