Facts about Mold and Moisture – taken from Safety First Environmental Inc

Have you been to a home inspection and everything is going well, only to hear “you may have mold” coming out of the mouth of the home inspector?

According to Safety First Environmental Inc

Mold exists in the natural environment. The existence of mold is important in the breakdown of dead organic matter, but in our homes mold should be kept out. The production of mold is done through tiny spores that are so small we cannot see them. These spores need moisture to reproduce, so where there is moisture in our homes there is a large potential for the production of mold. There are several types of mold; however none of them will grow without moisture.
The existence of mold in our homes can cause physical illness. The inhalation of mold may cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, skin rash, and fever type symptoms. Reactions can be acute or chronic. Exposure to mold can cause asthma attacks as well as irritation to the eyes, skin, nose, throat and lungs. According to the EPA research on mold and health effects are ongoing.  (read further by clicking below)



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