Eating Right and Being Thankful – guest blogger Annette Presseau, Reliv

Sorry for the delay in posting this – hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving


How Thankful are you?

More often than not we only look at what’s ahead but what about what we have now?  Are we satisfied with what we have now?  Do we want more and how much more does a person need to be happy?  Does it really matter what the other person has or does it matter more what makes us happy?  I have often heard it said that if you have your health you have everything to be thankful for so what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  These are questions to ponder this Thanksgiving and to think about what really matters to you.  Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and giving thanks for what you have.  So this Thanksgiving consider thinking about what there is in your life to be thankful for and feel good about what you have.

Eating right through the holidays.  As most of us know healthy eating goes out the window during the holiday season and according to Weight Watchers most people gain 7-10 pounds during this time.  It’s easy to understand how people fall into the bad habit of eating too much during the holidays because people offer to you a glass of wine or their favorite desert and we don’t want to be rude and it is the holidays so we take it and figure we can work it off in January.  There are huge Turkey dinners, parties and all sorts of festivities during the holiday season which makes maintaining control with overeating a huge challenge.  Most people do good at healthy eating during the year but as soon as Thanksgiving comes around we weaken from the temptation that is in front of us and we tell ourselves why not indulge it’s only one day and it can be a treat besides we can eat less tomorrow and before we know it we are eating too much so what do we do?  Well, for one thing take smaller portions of what you like you can even leave some on your plate, exercise more or you can also cut back on your food intake the next day.   One thing to note you can never diet during the holidays you will drive yourself crazy doing this so take it from me I tried it one year and I couldn’t do it so eat less and enjoy your holidays!

Alone during the holidays.  You probably know someone who is alone this time of year whether it is someone who has lost someone special and has no family around or even an elderly person who is alone so this would be a good time to invite them to your home for holidays or even visit a nursing home.  One more person probably would not make a difference for the holidays but it would make a real difference to that person who would otherwise be alone.  For many people this is a very sad time of year especially if there was a death in the family so consider opening up your home to someone you know is alone you would be doing something wonderful that that person will never forget.  You could also bring a meal to that person who is alone for the holidays there are also many ways to help people less fortunate during this time consider donating to the homeless shelters whether a monetary gift or your time.  Sometimes just getting out with other people will make your see the world around you and how thankful you are for what you have.  So this Thanksgiving consider sharing some of what you have with someone else.

Holiday Pressure.  Don’t get your blood pressure up this holiday season!  If you get stressed take a deep breath and tell yourself that it won’t matter after the season is over so why stress over it.  If you can’t find the gift that you want then find something else or give a gift card or even better yet order from the Internet then it will be delivered at your door.  If there is no place to park at the mall then park further away and walk off the holiday food that you have been eating and please don’t cut someone off in the parking lot let them take the spot after all isn’t it the holidays where good cheer is supposed to be everywhere?!   And above all smile even just smile to someone passing you will be surprised at the smile you get back and who can be stressed when you smile it’s impossible!  So smile and make someone’s day.  Consider wishing people “Happy Holidays” as you pass them you might find yourself in the holiday spirit!

Planning a trip for the Holidays.  Traveling around the holidays can be a frustrating time so be prepared and plan ahead and expect traffic delays that way you will not be disappointed when they happen.  How do you survive traveling during the holidays you plan, plan and plan again.  Make a list of what you need to bring with you, get most of it ready ahead of time so that on the day you just have to take whatever is left with you.



Holiday TraditionsDo you or your family have holiday traditions?  You could make holiday decorations for your Christmas tree with your family or grandchildren and make memories for years to come.  Cooking with the family is also a fun tradition to do.  Start a tradition if you don’t have one and make it a yearly event around the holidays.


Sing.  Have you noticed that the radio stations are now starting to play Christmas music?  Even the stores are starting to play Christmas music so why not sing along it has a way of making you feel happy.  It’s impossible to be frustrated when you are singing you can only feel great.


Dress up for the Holidays.  There are a lot of holiday parties this time of year so get dressed up and feel like a movie star!  So many times I see people going to holiday parties and they wear their regular work clothes.  Around the holidays, accessories are key when dressing up for company parties, winter galas and special family gatherings.  You can take the simplest dress and give it a boost by choosing the right shoes, bag and other accessories.  During holiday season, your favorite little black dress becomes the “go-to” piece in your wardrobe and you can dress it up with jewelry, a shiny bag or a dramatic wrap to give your look a little more flavor.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to look stylish and chic.


Take Time for Family.  Everyone these days is extremely busy and we don’t have enough time to do what we would like to do but the holidays are a time to stop for a minute and take the time to be with family.  That’s what the holidays are all about and your family will not be around forever and your children will grow up and you will miss memories with them so plan time to spend this holiday season with family and cherish the memories that you create.


Well that’s all for now I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving with wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!

Annette Presseau   Reliv Distributor


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