Bed Bugs Are Real Estate Terrorists – guest blogger David Young

How many times have you turned on the television in recent months and heard people talking about bed bugs?  It is not  a problem that will go away on its own.  It must be addressed headon.  Thanks to David for bringing this problem to our attention.  

Like a plotting army, bedbugs have patiently waited to attack until most people believed that bedbugs existed only in history books. Thought to be eradicated from civilized society in the 1940’s, bedbugs sent out scouting parties beginning in 1995; just a few here and a few there. When they discovered we had abandoned our weapons of Mutual Assured Destruction such as DDT and other harmful insecticides, they launched their final assault.

Bedbug’s battle plan hasn’t changed. Despite their numbers, they employ all the tactics of a terrorist. They attack at night when their target is asleep. They hide deep undercover during the day, remaining mostly undetected. They inflict wounds that are often confused for spiders, mosquitoes, or even a common rash. In the early years of this new battle, most people refused to believe their tormentors could be bedbugs. They were just a nursery rhyme. However, you also didn’t believe in ogres until you dated a few, either. Now you know. Bedbugs are real and they want you for their midnight all-you-can-eat buffet; although, it’s not much of a buffet since there is only one entrée. Bedbugs don’t mind. Human blood is their only food.

There you have it, in the last decade bedbugs caught us with our pants down—–literally. They have invaded our homes and advanced on our hotels; even our high-end hotels. One patriot who became fed up with bedbugs in hotels launched a website,, that allows hotel guests to report and warn of bedbug infestations in hotels across the country.

Government agencies have even come forward to help. The EPA has come up with a few non-chemical solutions to bedbugs in your home.

• Heat infested articles and/or areas to at least 113 ºF (45 ºC) for 1 hour. The higher the temperature, the shorter the time needed to kill bed bugs at all life stages. (Translation: Burn your house down.)

• Cold treatments (below 0 ºF (-19 ºC) for at least 4 days) can eliminate some infestations. Again, the cooler the temperature, the less time needed to kill bed bugs. (Translation: If you live in Wisconsin, don’t use your furnace next winter. If you live in Florida, try suggestion #1.)

• Use mattress, box spring, and pillow encasements to trap bed bugs and help detect infestations. (You will also need to apply this same treatment to all your furniture, carpeted areas, and maybe all your clothes.)

It’s a good thing the EPA isn’t running the war on terror. Your best bet is to call in the military, or in this case, the local militia. There are over 300 EPA approved poisons, which will kill bedbugs. Some are so ridiculously mild that the bedbugs just get high for three months and then resume their attack. It would be best if you contacted your local Interstate Pest Management. They have no sympathy for bed bugs. They kill, using only the most effective weapons, until your bedbugs are dead. They don’t negotiate with terrorists.

If you live in the Portland area, your local bedbug militia can be found here Interstate Pest Portland.


Here in MA there are a number of companies who can help –   Joan Parcewski   Woods Real Estate     c 978-376-3978


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