Thinking Healthy for October – guest blogger Annette Presseau

Sorry for the late posting – but it was well worth the wait as it always is. 

Thinking Healthy for October

Now that I’ve eaten incorrectly this summer with food like ice cream I’m back to thinking about eating healthy again and the autumn coming in makes me want to set a goal at least until Thanksgiving!  Once I tried to diet at Thanksgiving and that didn’t work because it was torture and I just gave in to my food cravings after that my thoughts went to eat less at mealtime or during the holidays and exercise more like do more walking.  Do you ever notice when you eat the wrong foods you feel good for a moment but afterwards you are not satisfied and actually feel draggy?  Sometimes you are still hungry after eating and that should be a clue that you are not eating correctly.  I also find it difficult to eat correctly when I am having a meal alone I don’t like to eat alone to begin with so eating correctly is difficult I just want to eat something easy and move on.

October is Children’s Health Month.  Keeping children healthy can be a daunting task especially if the child doesn’t like to eat the right foods or exercising regularly.   Helping the child eat the right foods could be as simple as disguising the food with what they like so that it tastes better.  Children are more susceptible to environmental risks than adults because their bodies are still developing, which lessens a child’s ability to detoxify harmful substances compared to an adult.  Below are some great tips:

  • When eating, sit at a table to      avoid walking around your home, lessening the amount of crumbs. Clean up      any spills.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the      sink.
  • If you have a pet, don’t leave      food out overnight.
  • Be conscious of water sources      that become attractive for pests, such as a leaky faucet, spilled liquid,      or sink full of water. A puddle of water could mean a plethora of pests!
  • Clean up and fix up! Clean up      excess clutter to eliminate pest shelter. Repair or replace window screens      with holes and seal up baseboard and other cracks.

The EPA has created a Pesticide Poison Prevention Checklist as a helpful resource; adults are encouraged to review their home room-for-room to search for potential hazards. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, complete the inspection on your hands and knees or in a similar fashion to a child to understand how they see the room and what would be within their reach.  Want more information then check out this blog:

And if your child is a picky eater then check out this website for great tips and ideas:

Stress and elections.  Are you stressed by the current elections and all those ads on TV?  Most of us are inundated with information, negative ads and phone calls from campaign volunteers.  I know I don’t listen to them anymore and I’m tired of hearing all the rhetoric that goes with it so what do we do?  Well, first of all just stop being stressed and start realizing come November 2nd it will all go away for awhile so why get stressed over it and to prevent becoming overly stressed during the political season countdown, try to take a step back and reclaim what is important to you.  Below are some helpful hints to overcome stress:

  1.  Hold on to your convictions and      passions. Vote out of your core values, and you will always feel confident      in how you cast your vote.
  2. Do not follow someone else’s      convictions or political stances. Each of us has a right to our opinion      and to exercise that opinion at the polls. There will always be many      people with whom we disagree, and that is the beauty of our political      system – it allows for diversity and options.
  3. Become informed about the      candidates and their perspectives, and then know when to turn it off. The      closer we get to Election Day, the more jargon, finger-pointing, and      derogatory statements become the norm in political advertisements. It is      good to know when to turn off the TV, radio or the internet.  Or, if you can’t turn them off, then just      learn to laugh at them.
  4. Find some friends who hold      similar values. It is good to have regular interaction with others who      believe as you do during such times as a national election.

Stress all over.   We live in an age of distractions and interruptions fueled by technology and there’s no place to unwind. There’s no place to hide so what do we do?  We get stressed and our blood pressures go up and out of sight!  The next time you get stressed be aware of your breathing, your body and your environment just for a few minutes and remember that life is not fair and you will get through this and things will get better. You could also picture in your mind something that makes you happy like your family or seeing yourself at the ocean or a lake.  Keep in mind that bad things do happen to good people and that you are not alone in your frustrations and remember that there is always someone else who is worse off than you just look around you.  If that doesn’t work try to take a quick break or walk to think things out or if you can exercise go work out at the gym that will definitely take you mind off of stress!

The next time you get stress try the Mindfulness technique which is generally defined as focused, deliberate attention to a task or thought to quiet the mind and eliminate distractions.  Practicing Mindfulness can help restore peace of mind and more evidence is now building that it can also benefit the body’s immune system.  There are fascinating studies that mindfulness can decrease inflammation and that practicing mindfulness may be one step to shift the odds in your favor, in concert with your healthy lifestyle choices.

That brings me to another question how do you define happiness?  Did you know that that the bulk of what determines happiness is due to your personality?  Yes, you can learn to be happy and you may have thought, as many people do, that happiness comes from being born rich or beautiful or living a stress-free life, the reality is that people who have wealth, beauty or less stress are not happier on average than those of you who don’t enjoy those blessings.  People who are happy seem to intuitively know that their happiness is the sum of their life choices, and their lives are built on the following things:

  1. Devoting time to family and      friends
  2. Appreciating what they have
  3. Maintaining an optimistic      outlook
  4. Feeling a sense of purpose
  5. Living in the moment

Surround yourself with happy people. Being around people who are content buoys your own mood and by being happy yourself, you give something back to those around you.

Friends and family help you celebrate life’s successes and support you in difficult times. Although it’s easy to take friends and family for granted, these relationships are worth their weight in gold.

Build up your emotional account with kind words and actions. Be careful and gracious with critique. Let people know that you appreciate what they do for you or even just that you’re glad they’re part of your life. Also, be mindful of what you say to a person and try not to be negative but positive when you critique someone.

Start thinking about what works for you.  Maybe all you have to do is stop and start thinking about what makes you happy it could be something as simple as having a piece of apple pie or talking to a friend that you haven’t talk to in awhile or even just going outside with the kids and playing with them whatever will put a smile on your face and change your mind.


Well that’s all for now I’m going to call my best friend that I haven’t talked to in awhile and see how she is doing so my wish to you is start living in the moment and stop and have some fun!



Annette Presseau    Reliv distributor



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