Some Tips When Photographing Your Home to Sell

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  In the case of photographing your home to see it could never be more important.  With the advent of the internet and the many real estate website, driving by a home is not the only way a future buyer may see your home.  It could be and most probably is on the internet.  So first impressions are the photographs that you take.  Remember selling a home is emotional for the seller as well as for the buyer.  Each comes at it from their own perspective. 

Here are some great tips to keep in mind as the seller or the agent taking the pictures:

1. Lighten up. For exterior shots, take your pictures in the middle of the day when the sun is shining and the sky is blue.  For interior shots turn on all the lights and use a flash as it adds in all the right colors, fills in the shadows and makes the room look brighter.

2. More is better.  In addition to the front of the house, buyers want to see the living room, kitchen, dining room, family room, master suite, and of course the back yard.  If you have special features like a media room/home theater or an exercise room be sure to capture them as well.

Don’t miss those spectacular views – beach, lake, mountains, park or golf course.

If you are working with a condo or apartment, be sure to capture the amenities such as a pool, tennis court or gym.

3. Get a clear shot. Don’t photograph clutter.  Clear off counter tops – remove fridge magnets, children’s toys etc.  Buyers don’t want to see your clutter.  Make the bed, move chairs and other furniture around if need be.  Remember it is first impressions that count.

If it is an outside shot, move the car out of the driveway – move the garbage cans.  Try not to include telephone poles and wires and other homes.  The focus is your home and its best qualities.

4. Go pro. Perhaps you have a family member or friend that does outstanding photography or knows a professional photographer.  A friend of mine had their father in law take the pictures.  While he wasn’t a professional, he was a perfectionist.  It showed.

5. Give it your best shot.  If you have a camera with a wide-angle lens, that is best.  Point and shoot can also do a good job.  Camera phones – not so much.

For clear photos, use a tripod so that the camera is steady.  Set the camera on is highest resolution.

6. Edit.  Buyers aren’t interested in ceilings or unnecessary background.  Focus on the positives.  .

Let’s get selling!

Joan Parcewski   978-376-3978

Woods Real Estate


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