Top Staging Props – guest blogger Perfectly Placed for You LLC


What are those items to keep aside when you are packing up and preparing your home for sale?

Here are 10 examples that top our list:

  1. Art that does NOT feature people. Landscapes, abstracts and botanicals are all great.
  2. Decorative trays will help create groupings on a variety of surfaces.
  3. Crisp linens and towels. Nothing is more inviting than a beautifully dressed bed, or a bathroom with fresh new towels and shower curtain.
  4. Attractive hardcover books will create interest and height in your groupings.
  5. Vases and pottery offer attractive options.
  6. Candles conjure up images of coziness or romantic evenings
  7. Decorative plates and stands offer vertical options on shelving or countertops.
  8. Service ware such as tea pots, coffee mugs and dinnerware to create the ultimate entertaining vignette.
  9. Pillows and throws soften and create a punch of color or a more intentional color palette.
  10. Area rugs will anchor furniture groupings, as well as soften any echo in a vacant property.

Remember accessories are like the icing on the cake when it comes to staging. Ask yourself if the items that you are displaying create an overall appeal or if they carry a message of welcome home to your potential buyers.


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