Preparing your home for a professional photographer

Many would say – I can take pictures of my home – I don’t need a professional photographer – Remember that you are emotionally involved with your home – The pictures need to create that emotion in the buyer.

The following was taken from a Canadian real estate agents website but pertains to all houses ready to be photographed for sale:

1.   Open all blinds & drapes.  Turn on all lights & lamps (replacing burnt out light bulbs).  Remove excess clutter as well as vacuum, clean & mop tile floors.  Wash all windows inside and out.

2.   In living areas – remove clutter (including removing newspapers & magazines from view), hide remote controls as well as power bars and cords, arrange furniture to help make the room look bigger, remove throw rugs & area rugs, clear & remove clutter from any desk areas, straighten bookshelves, file papers, organize & remove toy clutter.

3.   Clean & declutter kitchen counters, kitchen sink clear of dirty dishes, movie magnets, photos & calendars from refrigerator, & remove tea towels

3.   Clear bathroom countertops & polish bathroom faucets & mirrors, remove stains from sinks, grout & bathtubs, clear personal items & cleaning products, remove towels & toilet paper roll, close toilet seat

4.   Make the beds with fresh clean linens, clear out anything under the bed that is visible, clean bedside tables (free of tissue boxes, remote controls, alarm clocks, jewelry.

5.   Remove vehicles from view in front of housepaving should be cleared, swept & weeds removed, garbage bins & hoses out of sight, fertilize & mow lawn, trim hedging & overgrown shrubery, store lawn equipment & garden tools out of sight, betly arrange outdoor furniture & play equipment, pools should be clear of leaves & debris (equipment stored out of sight) & water feature turned on

And now all that is left is shooting those pictures!

It isn’t until you see pictures by a professional photographer vs an amateur – the difference is so noticable.  Good first impressions leads to sales.  Poor first impressions leads to people striking a property off their list.

Joan Parcewski, Realtor & Notary, GRI, CBR, SRES, LMC, SFR, CDPE, CIAS, GREEN, AHWD, E-PRO                978-376-3978

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