Organization is key to selling and more

When the realtor says to you that you have two weeks to get the house organized and ready for showings, do you panic?  Where do your start?  What do you do?  The task is overwhelming?  For most of us it probably is overwhelming and we need help to move the project along to its final end – the house ready to show and to sell in as short a period of time as possible.

What can teh professional do that many of us can’t?  They are non judgemental.  They  have no emotional attachment to things that, in most cases, can be tossed out, donated to charity, recycled to some other capacity, shredded….The list continues.  They can help you, room by room, clean out the non essentials, things that have never and will never be used, find places for things that must be kept etc.   Start in one room and move on to each room until everything that has been purged, cleaned and organized..

That being said – give some thought to thinking organized when moving into your new home as well.  Why would you end organized and begin disorganized?

Think of the professional organizer as a gift to yourself – to keep you sane and less stressed during, what can be, a trying time.

Not sure who to call?

I know you will make your realtor’s job easier if your home is organized and ready to show.

Joan Parcewski      Woods Real Estate.


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