Billerica Colonial Minute Men date back to the 1700s

When people think of colonial history, most think of Concord and Lexington and other similar towns.  Yet Billerica (the only town in the entire country with that name) has their own Minute Men group who actively engage in reenactments in a variety locations, including most recently at the annual Yankee Doodle Homecoming held each year in Billerica.  Who are these men AND women?

Taking an exerpt from their website:
Imagine, if you will, the year is 1775. The American Revolution has not yet begun.

The residents of Billerica, like other towns surrounding Boston, were stirring in a cauldron of patriot fervor. Loyalties were questioned. To be tarred and feathered meant something. Minutemen companies were active and the militias were prepared.

Yet tradesmen and their sons still tanned leather, cast spoons and buttons out of pewter, made brooms and soap. The fields were still plowed. Men provided for their families. The wives and daughters still baked, sewed, and made candles.

This is the history, we bring to life. We recreate the real lives of the Billerica farmer,
soldier, and his family. We recreate 18th century history. When we don our funny
and unusual clothes we are paying tribute and honoring the patriots, such as
our own Thomas Ditson Jr. and Asa Pollard, who fought for our freedom.

The present day Billerica Company, known as the Billerica Colonial Minute Men,
was formed by proclamation of the Board of Selectmen on August 5, 1968. The purpose of the unit as stated in our by-laws is to “Perpetuate the memory of the original Minute men of 1775, and through example of steady, solemn, refusal to be, subjected to tyranny, the suppressive ways of ruler of the colony, and the whims and caprices of any body of men.”

Our objectives are to promote, encourage and maintain patriotic, historic, and
educational interest in town, state, and county, and to further encourage our
youth to become responsible and useful citizens by teaching and by example.
Today the group actively participates in reenactments, living history events,
parades, community events, and remembrance celebrations.

With the 1976 Bi-centennial fast approaching, many REVWAR reenacting organizations were being formed. BCMM was formed in 1968 by Harry Norman of Billerica. The organizations formed during these years were mainly ceremonial.

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I have personally had the pleasure of working with these reenactors.  They have a passion for spreading the word about their history and life back in the days of the Revolution. It is an incredible story.

They meet monthly on the first Monday of the month (except December and January) at 7:30 pm  in a reproduction of an 18th century tavern located at 15 Wyman Road Billerica MA.  For more information contact Captain Bill Brimer at

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