Is your basement damp? – guest blogger Dave Cobosco

Have you noticed moisture on your basement walls?  Dave brings some excellent ideas to help prevent it from growing into a major problem.


Is your basement damp?

There are a number of simple ways to reduce moisture on damp basement walls and prevent this from growing into full-scale leaks or a major mold issue.

Check the Source
Make sure your rain gutters are functioning properly and that the downspouts are clear and open. Use long leaders or downspout extensions to carry rain water far away from the foundation.  Also slope the ground around the wall so that water drains away from the foundation.

Seal Cracks or Gaps
Check carefully for any cracks or gaps, and seal them with a caulking compound designed for your type of basement wall — typically masonry. If problems persist, more extensive waterproofing work may be needed.

Prevention, Not Patchwork
If you decide to obtain an evaluation from a qualified water proofing contractor, beware of recommendations for major work that is only designed to remove water that seeps in, rather than preventing it from infiltrating in the first place. In many cases, it is more effective to redirect the water away from the foundation than to try and stop it from seeping in once it’s there.


Remember, these tips are only general guidelines. Since each situation is different, contact a professional if you have questions about a specific issue. More home safety and maintenance information is available online at Or contact:


Dave Cobosco


409 Middlesex Turnpike

Billerica, MA  01821

C:  508-479-1773

O:  866-313-7732



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