Why Photographers Do What We Do – guest blogger Maria Fonseca

What is the purpose of photography?  Is it to create timeless memories?


For me, it is capturing special moments of shared love, laughter, and joy.  It is capturing moments in time – be they of people, places or objects. Every image has the potential to carry its own unique feeling through time and return us to a place of happiness and wonder.


Every second we live becomes a second in the past.  Images capture those seconds and store them by creating a chart of memories and moments that can be revisited.  If an image has not been captured, precious memories may be lost forever.


Images come in many forms from natural in the moment captures to carefully staged and managed photo shoots.  Each capture is as unique as a fingerprint.  Natural moments can not be created. They can only be captured in their time.


Great images are not necessarily great works of art.  While the art of photography relies on creativity and preparation, the art of a great image often relies on the emotion captured in that instant.  Today images can be enhanced and transformed with the click of a mouse but the greatness of an image cannot be edited or created. An amateur can create as great an image as a trained photographer.  The difference between the two individuals is the consistency of capturing at each opportunity and seeing the possibility of a great image in a passing moment.  A great image can come in the simple form of a flower in a field or the innocence in a child’s eye.  Little moments often turn out to be the best.


I capture images that challenge me to feel.  I capture images that intrigue me and take me by surprise.  As a trained anthropologist, my imagery attempts to visually convey the common human experience. I photograph to see what the world looks like.


The still image lasts a lifetime taken in a split moment of time. Being able to communicate something in my head and create a tangible visual is my passion.  It is the passion of most photographers.

Maria Fonseca, Photographer             mfon52@aol.com

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