Reminders on Boating Safety – guest blogger Tony Lucacio

We all look forward to the summer months and all those outdoor activities, including boating.  Wha we all need to remember is to play safe – and guest blogger Tony Lucacio from Merrimack Valley Insurance – reminds us how important this can be.   (Joan Parcewski  Woods Real Estate)

Boating is a great summertime event; it is very fun to do but it is also very important to be safe on the water. Everyone knows drinking and driving is very bad, but something just as bad is driving a boat under the influence. It is just as important to be safe on the water as it is to be safe on the land. Boating under the influence can cause accidents on the water and if that happens you want to make sure that your boat is covered with Massachusetts Watercraft Insurance. You want to avoid those accidents on the water and here are some facts about the dangers of drinking while operating a boat.

  • A boat operator can become impaired more quickly than the operator of a motor vehicle.
  • Boating under the influence is just as serious as driving under the influence. Some of the penalties can be large fines and serious jail time.
  • One third of all boating fatalities come from the use of alcohol on boats.
  • Usually operators are not as experienced driving as they are operating a boat so it becomes even more dangerous because the boat driver is not as sure of themselves driving a boat.
  • Alcohol causes loss of coordination and due to the movement of the water while operating a boat; this can cause the driver to fall overboard.
  • If a person who is under the influence falls into the water they can have difficulty distinguishing up from down and if they are in freezing water they may not be able to get out before hypothermia sets in.
  • Some tips to avoid hurting others because of a boating accident are: Bring along non-alcoholic drinks, if you are going to drink before operating a boat wait at least one hour per drink before operating again, be careful of passengers drinking they can go overboard as well, bring plenty of food and snacks, the best way to stay safe is to not drink while driving a boat.
  • Stay safe and have a great summer!

Anthony Lucacio    Merrimack Valley Insurance

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