Why Professionally Stage Your Property – Guest Blogger Jan Poulian

With so many properties on the market this time of the year it is important that your home stand out from the rest.  Staging is an important piece of the marketing of your property.

Why professionally stage your property?  Our Top 10 Reasons

By, Perfectly Placed For You


Move over David Letterman! Here are 10 compelling reasons to stage your property before selling it.



Staging can create a positive first impression.

You’ve heard the expression that you never get a second chance to make a good impression, and this is most definitely the case when selling your property. Once buyers have taken a peak, if they don’t like what they see, they will definitely move on to the next listing. Don’t let that happen to you!



Staging expenses can be tax deductible.



Staging services can help the seller have a less stressful real estate experience.

At a consultation we can create a custom staging plan that will take the stress out of what can be an overwhelming process. With additional staging services we can actually style each room to photo ready perfection in a matter of hours even while you are at work.



Staging can create the impression of a well maintained property.

When buyers enter a space that is orderly and attractive with furniture placement that makes sense, they feel more relaxed about making the investment because they can see that the current owner has taken care of things and has paid attention to the details.



Staging can generate more exposure on behalf of other real estate agents.

When realtors preview nicely staged homes they remember them, and they are more likely to take clients to a really great looking property for a positive reaction.



Staging can create the impression of an easy moving experience.

Staged properties have a clear sense of function and purpose which allows the potential buyer to easily imagine the perfect orderly lifestyle.



Staging can showcase the true potential of a property.

If identical properties are on the market at the same time, for example in a large condo complex, the staged property will have an advantage because the architectural highlights and selling features are given proper focus.


Staging can give your property a competitive edge online

Professional photos of a beautifully staged property will generate more interest and showings.



Staging can help generate a faster sale.

Time equals money, and less time on the market also equals less stress for the seller.



Staging can help generate a higher sales price.

Buyers will often pay a premium to own a desirable property that evokes what they hope will complete the lifestyle of their dreams.

Jan Poulian    Perfectly Placed for You    www.PerfectlyPlacedForYou.com

These are great tips.  As a realtor I can emphasize enough how important first impressions are.  Walking up to the front door, walking through the front door impressions are made.  It is like going to a restaurant – the ambience, the feel as you come through the door, in some ways is almost as important as the food you are about to eat. 

Joan Parcewski     Woods Real Estate.    www.JoanParcewski.com





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