Choosing Shades to Suite the Function of Each Room

I know if you are like me I think of “shades” as on size fits all room so to speak.  Given the different options available on the market I am guessing that is not true.  Welcome to guest blogger, Paul Martin, home improvement specialist, who will set the records straight 

How To Choose Various Kinds Of Shades To Suit The Function Of Each Room

Shades are a great way to control the lighting in the room. These are also useful if you want more privacy especially in the bedroom. Unlike heavy curtains, shades are easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to open and close. Shades now come in a variety of colors and designs so you can fit them with the existing color treatments in the room.


However, not all shades will work on every room. Shades are also constructed differently so that they can allow a certain amount of light and even none at all. This means that you may have to choose a particular style of shade to suit the purpose of a particular room in the house. Here are a few tips on how to choose shades to fit the practical functions of each room in the house.



Most shades suitable for kitchens must be made of material that can withstand constant exposure to heat and moisture. You can opt for bamboo shades in the kitchen. You can draw the shades up halfway from the bottom to allow just the right amount of light in. Bamboo is great for kitchens since it can hold its form and shape even when exposed to humidity and heat. Bamboo also comes in earthy neutral colors, which means that it an easily match the interior décor that is going on in the room.


Living Room

Living rooms require more options in lighting. Most living rooms have wide windows to let the most amount of light in. However, you can control how much light you let in to the room depending on the kind of shades you use. You can opt for shades made of translucent materials. These are great for diffusing the amount of lighting that comes in to give the room a warm glow. You can also choose shades that come with built-in insulation properties. These shades keep the warm air in during the winter and keeps the room cool during the summer. You can also use shades of darker colors if you want a constant subdued lighting effect in your living room during the day. Dark shades will also  provide more privacy during the night.  You can often go online and do a search specific to your area and find a provider near by. For instance, if I lived in LA, I might do a search for Los Angeles Roller Shades to find a supplier that services my area.



For those who prefer total blackout when they sleep, blackout roller shades are the best options. A lot of people cannot sleep when the lights are all out, and some may even stay awake because of the light coming from the streetlamps outside. Blackout shades are designed to prevent any light from coming in, which results to a totally dark room. This makes it perfect for bedrooms and even darkrooms. Most blackout roller shades are inexpensive and you can opt for shades made of 100% soil and dust resistant polyester for easy maintenance.


Shades are a creative way to control the lighting in any room in the house. The various colors and designs also means that you can change the overall look and feel of any room when you install shades. You can also choose different colors and  designs of shades to suit the practical functions of each room.


Paul Martin is a home improvement specialist. When he is not working on a project of his own at home with his wife & kids, you may likely find him writing about related subjects and/or writing for companies that provide quality home improvement products.

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