Organizing, Hoarding and Having Too Much “Stuff” – guest blogger Karen



As a professional organizer for the last 11 years, I have come to realize that most of us just have too much “stuff”. And depending on how much “stuff” you have and continue to bring in each and every day, without eliminating any of it leads to hoarding.


So many people I have worked with in the past hoard a variety of things: books, magazines, clothing, food, food containers, widgets, pens, collectibles, plants, dishes and the latest organizing gadget.


Much like an “anorexic person” who does not see their emaciated body in the mirror, people with a lot of stuff don’t see the big picture. They can maneuver around the house and the piles. Some of them have been doing it for years.


How much is too much, here are some examples:


If you can’t sleep on your bed because you have too much stuff, you have a problem

If you have 3 food pantries though out your house, you have too much

If the food pantry has expired food, you are wasting money each week shopping

If you cannot put away clean laundry and live out of laundry baskets, you have to many clothes.


The list is endless. Look around your home. What do you have too much of?


Hire a professional organizer today. And do not give the excuse that you don’t have the money or time to pay someone. You probably have both, what you lack is the will power to stop SHOPPING and COLLECTING STUFF.


If for the next 6 weeks you stop shopping, and only purchased your food (such as milk, bread, meat, eggs etc…) and gas for the car, you could save enough money to bring in an organizer to help. This means no coffee at Starbuck or Dunkin Donuts, no going out to dinner, no impulse shopping for shoes or books or whatever. What could you save?


Coffee shop, 1 cup of coffee x 6 weeks (42 days) = $5 cup x 42 days = $210

Dinner for a couple, say 3 times a week x 6 weeks = $50 per dinner x 18 = $900

Impulse shopping say 3 times a week x 6 weeks = $30 impulse shopping x 18 = $540

These figures could be higher or lower depending how often and how much you actually spend.


Grand total is $1650.00. The average profession organizer hourly rate is $50.

$1650 divided by $50.00 = 33 hours, average session is 3 hours. 33 divided by 3 =11 organizing sessions or 11 weeks, you could be on your way to recovery. Most people could find 3 hours a week to work on organizing. If not you hire a professional who can organize for you 3 hours a week.


Karen Kenney – Organizing Works/Bedford MA     
Phone: 781-275-8915


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