Real Estate Market May Be in Full Swing – Reprint from 6/2/12 Lowell Sun


The following is from guest columnist James Haroutunian, local real estate attorney, at the Lowell Sun.   

Like the sweat off my brow this afternoon, condensation rolls down the glass of my well-deserved nightcap. I write this column late in the evening of Thursday, May 31. Though I drink alone, I undoubtedly raise a glass with many weary real-estate professionals tonight.

Over the past 15 hours, the real-estate profession moved as ferociously as it did during the boom of the early 2000s. I personally visited five closings across the state, juggling coordination of tomorrow’s deals on my cellphone, driving to and forth. While the day’s action revived memories of years past, the culture at each closing table felt very different. Today I worked with true professionals.

These Realtors and lenders were the dedicated few who did not flee from the real-estate industry when times got tough. During our last boom market, in which used-car salesmen masqueraded as unregulated mortgage brokers, today’s real-estate workforce impresses me.

At some closings, more than 50 years of experience gathered to guide clients through successful transactions. Loans were funded on time. Last-minute negotiations were handled with grace and class. Clients were effectively informed about complex loan details.

Today stood as a shining example of a once-again vibrant real-estate market run by knowledgeable, intelligent and devoted professionals. Maybe it’s the drink talking, but today I am proud of my industry.

I am inspired to refer these individuals to my friends, family or clients. I invite any reader seeking the service of a Realtor or mortgage lender to contact me directly for an informed discussion and referral.

Attorney James Haroutunian practices real-estate law, estate planning and probate at 630 Boston Road, Billerica. He gladly invites questions at or by phone at 978-671-0711. His website blog is found at


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