First Step to Renovations – Getting Organized – guest blogger Karen Kenney

Thinking back on our renovations project several years ago, it really was about getting things organized to prepare.  It is really amazing how much we can accumulate – some we use regularly, some we need to have for a variety of reasons, some we have outgrown, some – why do we have this again?.  We really need to identify and purge, identify and pack.  Karen helps us with this task in the following blog!


Getting ready for renovations can seem overwhelming especially if you are doing them to get your home on the market.  Deciding which renovations will help sell you home without breaking the bank is key. Plus giving you the most for “return on investment.” Updating your bathrooms and kitchen was always been the norm in getting back a big ROI, but the market has change the last couple of years, so check with your agent for what would work best for your home.


Once you have decided what will be done you need to find the right expert to work with, designing the new space, picking out neutral colors and even new lighting. Now that these decisions have been made it is time to clear the space. For most of us, this is the hardest part-not knowing what to do first, second and third. I like to break up the process into easy steps, so you can work on them up week by week.


Let’s say for sake of illustration we are going to renovate your kitchen.


1 Month prior – 2 hour session.

Quick Grab. Look around your kitchen. What is not being used any more, or broken or unwanted items. Look in your kitchen cabinets, on the counters and in your pantry. Pull out all the unwanted items and put into two categories DONATE-someone can use or TRASH (broken, cracked, stained, missing the lid…) Pack up the items to be donated, put them right in your car so you can drop them off at the local charity/church or call for pick up.


2 Weeks prior – 2-5 hours session depending size of room

Now that you have removed all the unwanted items, everything in this room is what you want to keep. But during renovations you may want to pack up some items, to protect them, from the dust and making it easier for the workers to complete the work. Make an inventory list of what is in each box (good china, your crystal wine glasses, turkey platter and other occasional used items). Label the boxes so you can find them later. Once these things have been boxed up, find a temporary home for these items. Can you store them in basement or garage or attic, or in spare room? If in garage or basement, if you get water put the boxes up on pallets or on tables.


2 Days before Renovations, 3 hours could be longer

Check with your contractor, what about the every day dishes and things your use daily such as your toaster, coffee pot, and dish drainer. Should these be boxes up now, or can they be left out? Do they need all counter cleared? (This really depends on the type of work being done in the kitchen.) Check with your contractor on what is acceptable during the construction phase. You want to make the process as easy as possible for you and the workers.


Day of Renovation – congratulations you are ready!


After the project is done, before you schlep everything back up to your kitchen. Do you really miss any of these items? Can they stay boxed up? Especially during your open house, that way if your home sells, you already have some boxes packed that are ready to go. Rule of thumb that I use, if you are really missing that “thing” go get that “thing” and leave the rest of boxes as is. It makes moving easier.


For more help or information getting ready for your renovation contact Karen L. Kenney of OrganizingWORKS! 781-275-8915. Check out her websites: and

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