May – The Elixir of Dreams

Billerica MA is very lucky to have a busy Garden Club who maintains the area around the center and many other parts of town to make it a pleasure to drive and walk around.  They decorate the Clara Sexton House at the Holidays, work with seniors at Brightview Concord River Assisted Living in maintaining a small garden. 

They take every opportunity to brighten the landscape of Billerica and help others do the same.  Last year they became involved with starting a Farmer’s Market in Billerica Center that runs from the end of June to the end of October.  Their success translates into a return performance this year.

Many thanks to Billerica Garden Club member and guest blogger Annette Presseau. 


My Dream Garden

As I’m writing this Blog I’m sitting on my deck in 78 degree total sunshine light breeze weather and my mind is dreaming of this beautiful garden that I would love to have in my back yard.  I absolutely love this time of year and the crickets are singing along with many birds which are so beautiful to listen to.  I can also see that I need to do some cleaning up in my yard but one step at a time.  This year I want to plant something in memory of my mother she loved Azalea’s so I’m looking for a summer azalea to plant in my yard.  Memorial Day is coming up and I can get started planting all my flowers in I always wait until Memorial Day to plant most flowers because up here in New England we can get a frost in May.  Check out the website on My Dream Gardens and how they talk about a management method where you manage the amount of time you spend in your garden so that you remember to take a break it is a very interesting website:


I can be in the garden for hours and forget the time and usually forget to take a break my mother used to work with me in the garden up until she was in her 80’s and she was my time management and I would see here getting tired and then I knew it was time to take a break.  Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of butterflies around and they are so beautiful I’m amazed at them.  Check out any butterfly gardens in your area there is one here in Westford Massachusetts see the website:



Flower blooms everywhere

This year it isn’t difficult to find blooms everywhere because of the nice weather we have been having up here in New England.  When I go out somewhere and someone else is driving I look at peoples gardens as we drive by and there are some beautiful gardens out there.  Now is the time to weed out the bad and keep what is doing well and experiment and plant some new ideas.  I’ve even found plants that I thought had died growing!  I plan to have a raised garden this year with just one kind of annuals usually I plant a variety because I love having the different colors in the garden but this year I thought I would be different and see what happens who knows maybe it will become a tradition.  I just love seeing a grouping of the same annuals together it is very striking to look at.  I have 3 large Rhododendrons in my yard that are blooming profusely they are pink flowers and are just gorgeous to look at. What’s blooming in your garden?



Aerate your flower beds

A good practice is to aerate your flower beds I usually do this before I plant any flowers it helps to loosen the soil and makes better and more beautiful flowers.  You probably already did this in the fall or last month so you should be all set but if you didn’t now is a good time to check your soil and add something to it so that your flowers will become big and beautiful.



Visit a garden

Check out this website on the Blithewold gardens in Bristol, Rhode Island all I can say is “wow”  It’s great to visit different expert gardens so that one can visualize what they might want to see in their own garden.  Every time I go to these places I get some great ideas and also see different flowers blooming that possibly would look good in my flower garden.  Check out Garden in the Woods website for events it’s a really great place to visit:  it’s also a great place to see native plants sometimes we forget about planting what is native in our area and the plants can be really stunning to look at.  Also, people have garden tours at their homes so check a few out and get some great gardening ideas.  There are many places that you can visit this time of year.  You can even join a Garden Club they have many great speakers and one can learn a lot about gardening there.


Evasive Plants

When I first started gardening I always thought of evasive plants as weeds and in a sense they are weeds but are very difficult to control and there is a huge list of them which people are not supposed to sell but they do so check out the list and you will be surprised at how many are on there.  Here is a website of evasive plants in Massachusetts:

It’s interesting to check it out and see if you have any in your yard every state has a different list so check your state.  In my yard I have burning bushes four of them no less and they have been here before I moved but I’ve chopped them down and they come right back some day I will try to completely remove them.  I wasn’t even aware that burning bushes are evasive until I heard people talking about evasive plants and I checked the list out.


Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Check out this website on the 15th of every month to go out in the garden and take pictures and post to your blog?  I think it is a great idea.  I can’t wait until my Peonies start to bloom!  This is also a great way to keep a log book of what your garden looks like at different months of the year then you can plan out next year as to what you think will grow best in your garden.


Herbs in a Flower Garden

Consider adding Herbs in your flower garden they will give a nice smell they are great to look at and you can eat them.  Check this website out:  You can add rosemary, sage, mint, thymes, oregano, lavenders, lemon grass just to name a few and you can plant them in containers you don’t have to plant them in the ground.


I love the cat in the picture!  Add different ornamental stuff to accent your garden.  Ornaments in the garden add different dimensions and are eye catching.  Put a rabbit statue in one spot or maybe place a water fountain in another use your imagination and before you know it there will be something peaking out at you when you walk around your garden!


Ornamental Grasses

Don’t forget to add Ornamental Grasses for a backdrop in your flower garden they provide texture, uniqueness and beauty to your garden they are easy to grow and maintain and will evolve with the seasons.  They are a great addition to the garden because they produce full green foliage all season and then wow in the summer to fall with their interesting, feathery plumes.


Making a Rock Garden

Have you ever thought of making a rock garden?  Do you have a sloped or awkward piece of land that you are having trouble planting? Rock Gardens not only provide a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution to those hard-to-plant places, but are aesthetically pleasing by contrasting rough, jagged rocks with delicate, gorgeous blooms. They are actually quite simple to create – All you need is time, rocks (which can often be found on your property) and a few durable, low-maintenance plants. Once complete, the rewards of the Rock Garden will pay for the effort ten times over.  Check out this blog on how to make a Rock Garden for more information:


So I hope some of these ideas will get you started in the right direction I’m off now to work in my garden.


Happy Gardening!

Annette Presseau


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