Three Things A Home Inspection is Not! – guest blogger Dave Cobosco from Housemaster

So many buyers go into a home inspection with incorrect expectations from the inspection.  Here Dave attempts to set the record straight as to what an inspection is.

Welcome to Dave is our newest blogger on greenjoanrealestate. We look forward to a long partnership.

A home inspection is NOT a pass/fail test.  A home inspector does not give the house a “passing” or “failing” grade. A home inspection documents the condition of major elements and systems in a house. It’s up to the buyer to determine whether or not the home meets their own criteria. Buyers looking to totally renovate an older home may feel that the need for significant repairs isn’t a concern for them as long as the structure is in good shape. Conversely, a young couple with limited resources, looking to buy a “starter home” in which they plan to live only a few years, may find that a home with numerous defects is not for them.

A home inspection is NOT a to-do list for the home seller.  The role of a home inspector is to document an opinion of the home’s condition at the time of inspection, not to create a “to-do” list of repairs for the home seller. Because each real estate transaction is different, buyers should consult with their real estate sales professional or lawyer regarding how any repair needs should be addressed. These professionals are well qualified to provide guidance because they understand the buyer’s financial position, how long the buyer plans to live in the home, and local market conditions — all of which factor into real estate decisions.

A home inspection is NOT insurance.   It’s important to remember that there are many risks associated with buying a home. Every home buyer must do their homework and learn as much about the property as possible. A quality home inspection should be just one of the steps taken in this important process.  Read on for more tips on making the most of your home inspection.


Making the Most of Your Home Inspection

• Choose wisely when it comes to selecting a home inspector.  

Price should not be the reason to select a home inspector. Even in areas where there is mandatory licensing, credentials among inspectors can vary dramatically. Look for an inspector who has access to the highest quality initial and on-going training, from an organization such as the National Institute of Building Inspectors®

Make sure the inspector will provide an easy to understand inspection report which contains pertinent details on the condition of major elements of the home.  Also, ask if the inspection company provides any type of written guarantee to back up their service. Obtain a copy of terms, conditions, and limitations associated with the guarantee if applicable.

• Look for a home inspector that encourages you to go along on the inspection.

The inspection is a terrific learning experience, even for a seasoned home buyer. A professional inspector should be happy to invite you along, answer your questions, demonstrate how to operate various systems in the home, and provide helpful maintenance suggestions. Plan on the inspection taking an average of 2 to 3 hours.

• Heed the inspector’s advice.

Read the inspection report in its entirety. Address any outstanding concerns found on an inspection as soon as possible. Deficiencies will continue to deteriorate with usage and the passage of time. Additionally, you should arrange to have elements that were obstructed due to storage or furnishings, or that could otherwise not be inspected, evaluated prior to closing.


A professional home inspection is the smartest investment a home buyer can make. HouseMaster would be happy to answer any of your questions regarding home inspections or schedule a convenient appointment to conduct your professional home inspection.

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  1. A wise home inspector or any other field inspector assures detailed visual examination and informative reporting of the condition and structure of property or the vehicle.


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