Why Hire a Professional Photographer When Everyone Owns a Digital Camera? – guest blogger Maria Fonseca

 Welcome to our guest blogger, Maria Fonseca with her take on why you should hire a professional photographer.

In hiring a professional photographer, you are not hiring someone to capture snapshots.  You are hiring a professional with years of experience and education. You are hiring a professional who brings creativity and passion to the process.  There is a post production process that few potential clients understand.

As professional photographers, we need to educate clients and potential clients in order for them to understand the difference in image quality and, therefore, value that we provide.  Many of us have spent decades learning to deliver high quality products to our clients.

Digital technology has made it possible for everyone to think they can be a ‘professional photographer.’  The marketplace is saturated with watered down versions of us.  It has given the potential client a distorted view of what image quality is and how to achieve it.

So we, as professional photographers, must demonstrate the difference our work makes to weddings and family photographs, for example.  We can demonstrate that we capture much better imagery than the amateurs and that we deliver a much higher quality product.  I recently heard a story about a client who only wanted the CD from a photo shoot and did not contract with the professional photographer to complete the process in post production and to deliver a high quality print on high quality paper.  So the professional photographer delivered the CD and the client apparently took it to Walgreens or CVS to have prints made.  The photographer later cringed when she saw her image hanging on this client’s wall having never gone through the post production process all professional photographers use. Try to understand the value you are purchasing when you hire a professional with the expertise to produce high quality images.

I recently heard of a bride-to-be who was unknowingly hiring a ‘photographer’ for her upcoming wedding. This photographer had never shot a wedding before but figured that since he owned a digital camera, he could shoot any event.  I gasped at the quality of imagery this bride was unknowingly purchasing for the capture her special day.  Wedding photography is a specialized area of photography that should be done only by skilled wedding photographers.

So in capturing life’s precious moments, decide whether you want snapshots or high quality images that will last a lifetime.  Understand that if you don’t hire the right person for the job, the quality of the images will suffer.

Maria Fonseca Photography

mfon52@aol.com    781-354-6096

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