Self Guided Walking Tour – The Lexington (MA) Revolutionary Experience

If you haven’t explored Lexington MA, a great way to start is with the self guided walking tour from the Lexington Historical Society.  According to their website, the sites include Buckman Tavern, the Lexington Minuteman Statue, Parker Boulder, the Flagpole, the route to Concord, the Meetinghouse, Belfry Marker, the Revolutionary War Monument and the Frieze. 

Another way to explore Lexington is with the Historic Scavenger Hunt. 

Lexington Scavenger Hunt

Explore Lexington’s historic houses (Buckman Tavern, the Hancock-Clarke

House, and Munroe Tavern), the Battle Green, and Ye Old Burying Ground, and

see if you can answer the 10 questions below. You can

print a copy of this

scavenger hunt

and bring it with you to Lexington when you visit.

How many patriots are buried on Lexington’s

Battle Green?


What is a niddy noddy? 2. Have you seen one?

Name a popular Colonial tavern drink. Do you

know the recipe?


4. What are the “Doolittle Prints” and why are they important?

5. What is a Meeting House? Where was Lexington’s?

Name two men who lived in the same historic house (at

different times) and also share a gravesite.


Can you find the burial site of Captain John Parker? Are you

sure you have the right Captain Parker? How can you tell?


Whose large, round kitchen table is at the Hancock-

Clarke House?


What, or who, was left in Mary Munroe Sanderson’s



What mark did the British soldiers leave at Munroe



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1 of 2 8/18/2009 6:45 AM

Why did the Hancock-Clarke House have wallpaper in

1775 and Buckman Tavern did not?

How was Reverend Jonas Clarke related to the patriot

John Hancock?

Who fired the First Shot of the American Revolution?

It’s all part of the history of Lexington and a fun way to learn the characters that played a part in the Revolutionary War.   

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  1. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂


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