You May Need Coverage for Househould Employees

There is so much to think about when hiring someone to help around the home.  Perhaps you need a nanny to help with the children.  Are you opening yourself up for liability issues?  Check out this article from our guest blogger, Tony Lucacio, from Merrimack Valley Insurance. 

What you don’t know about covering your household employees can cost you plenty


It is not uncommon in today’s society for a professional working couple to need assistance with issues around the home. Usually these are services of a nanny or the equivalent. But not considering the potential liability issues could be harmful to the family finances.

Take the example of a nanny that is injured while working in the home, or perhaps injured injured in a motor vehicle accident while transporting the children to an event. That injured worker will be entitled to a weekly worker’s compensation benefit and not providing that benefit leaves the home owner exposed to heavy fines and the cost of the benefit to be paid out-of-pocket. Medical bills may be minor compared to the heavy amount that you could be forced to pay for lost wages.

Most states require home owners to provide coverage for their domestic help. A great resource to check on your individual state can be found by clicking here. Check out your state requirements.

For more information on coverage for your domestic help, click here. A qualified agent will be pleased to help guide you through the process of obtaining coverage, protecting your family and your worker, and help you avoid costly penalties and fines.

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