It’s All About First Impressions –

A special welcome to our newest guest blogger, Janet Poulain from Perfectly Placed for You, a local staging company. On a personal note they have recently staged a new construction in Bedford for our company. What a different impression when you walk in the door.

Staging Vacant Properties Makes Perfect Sense

Imagine yourself out shopping at the mall or downtown. If the retail stores left their window displays empty would it draw you in? Do you think you would even want to shop there?

I know what you are thinking. Most people do their shopping on line. And you are actually right. Many people start their house search on line. Which is why we believe it is imperative to have your property looking its best for its debut. You’ve heard it before, but it is worth repeating. A picture is worth a thousand words.

It is our goal to have buyers feel welcomed as soon as they open the door. Being greeted by a piece of art, greenery or a floral arrangement is one option, and so much better than walking into a blank space. First impressions count.

Take a look at the before and after photos to see if you agree. (if unable to view, please cut and paste – it is worth taking a look at the difference – you will be amazed)

When a property is empty, buyers tend to focus on negative details. In addition, vacant homes can often seem confusing to buyers. Staging emphasizes the homes features and can offer solutions to challenging areas, as well as showcasing the homes layout and architectural features.” In short, a staged property will evoke warmth and comfort, giving the buyer that much needed emotional connection to make an offer.

Liz Larson & Jan Poulain
Perfectly Placed For You
Redesign & Staging Creating Inviting Spaces

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