Before the Stager comes the Organizer

There are a lot of steps to get your house ready for the market to get the best price. One of those steps may include an organizer. Welcome to our newest guest blogger, Karen Kenney from Organizing Works. And where did I meet Karen – at a Health Fair where helping people to destress includes getting organized!

Attention: All Real Estate Agents and Homeowners

Does your home stager scare or upset your clients? Are things prematurely tossed out, or boxed up for a better open house?

After the open house does the homeowner want to start using the some of the things that were packed away, making for another round of staging?

Do you feel pressure to clean up your home before the stager comes and starts boxing up and throwing your things out? Some of your things may be moved to different parts of your home, misplaced or broken. Trying to work with your agent to de-clutter and simplify is very overwhelming, you may have gotten rid of something you could use right now but can’t locate it.

PSST Want to know a Secret?

Hire a professional organizer, before the home stager, starts working on your home. Meet with your Real Estate Agent and your organizer to get the list of what needs to be done within the home to make it SELL.

A professional organizer can box up the things that are not needed right now, and inventory the contents so that you can find everything after the open house. Once everything is packed up and put someplace safe, the home stager can really make your home shine!

Karen Kenney of OrganizingWORKS is an experienced professional organizer, who can help get your home ready to sell. Karen can help the whole team, the homeowner, the real estate agent and the home stagers. It will be WIN-WIN for everyone, and isn’t that what selling your home is all about?

For free consultation call Karen at 781-275-8915.

For information and testimonials check out Karen’s websites – &

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