Food for thought……

Welcome to our guest blogger, Annette Presseau from Reliv. She reminds us that we need to remember to stay healthy while we undertake all our daily tastks. That could include househunting

Food for thought….


Have you ever had Chicken Nuggets from a fast food place?  I have and really like them until I was watching a food show the other night called America’s Test Kitchen and they were talking about fast food Chicken Nuggets and what the ingredients are in them and I was totally shocked!  Keep in mind that the ingredients are approved by the FDA – go figure!  Check the video out on their website you will be shocked!


Do any of us know what is in the food at the fast food places?  What are we eating?


Crock Pot Anyone?


In society today we all have 10 things we are trying to do at once and looking for quick ways to prepare healthy meals.  Recently, I received a Crock Pot for Christmas and have been testing it out with a few recipes and it works wonderful!  It cooks the meat very tender and tastes great.  I’ve cooked chicken breasts and stew and every time it comes out very tasty.   Looking for a few good recipes for the Crock Pot then check out this website:  Did you know that you can cook bread in your Crock Pot?  I didn’t know so all I can say is “wow”.   Another thing for me to try out in the Crock Pot!



Do you know of someone who has Cholesterol?  Check out this blog on the truth behind 7 Cholesterol myths at  Here is another interesting article on cholesterol and what causes it:


Brain Awareness Week


It’s Brain Awareness Week.  Check out these lesser know brain boosters at  Puzzles are a great booster to brain health and any games help too.  This article on webmd talks about 7 brain boosters to prevent memory loss like exercise, fruits and vegetables, mental workouts like games, healthy sleep, red wine (I need to drink more red wine!), no more multitasking (all I can say to this is that I do it all the time), learning new things and the main thing is to try to laugh a little!



What about Soy health for women – thinking about getting enough nutrients for your body then check out on Pinterest or nutrients in general?

Where do you get the nutrients in food?  Check out this UMass website it is really cool:


Cooking lighter meals

Have you ever looked at cooking meals differently maybe healthier but would like great taste then check out this website:  Something as simple as adding mustard can give meat a great flavor.  Even just using less butter or not eating french fries.  Cutting back on the wrong foods just a little every day will help you to eat better.


National Nutrition Month

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?  Check out this quiz on Nutrition  What are your eating habits?  Is it time for a change?  I definitely need to change my eating habits.  Have you ever done a food diary?  It is a good thing to record what you are eating daily and most people are very surprised to see what’s on their list.  Are their 16 ways to eat healthy but keep it cheep?  Yes, there are check this website out:

Also, forget tonic that is one of the worst things you could drink in my opinion and yes it is ok to have it once and awhile but not every day try flavored water it actually tastes a lot better and is better for you.  Rule of thumb is that too much of one thing is never good for you!


Did you also know that March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month? Take one day and make it a “Dress in Blue Day” – wear any shade to show your support and get people talking about this disease. Colon cancer is often beatable when caught early! Learn more at:


Nutrition Tune-up

Ever think of giving yourself a nutrition tune-up?  What exactly is a nutrition tune-up anyway?  To find out check out this website  Good nutrition is vital to your health just like a car lasts a long time with a regular tune-up your body needs adjusting sometimes.  Consider giving yourself a regular tune-up.


Food in our schools!

Check this out it is very scary to see this in schools!!!

Pink Slime: It’s What’s for Lunch in America’s Schools  This blog is very scary do we know what our kids are eating when they are at school?


Healthy Snacks

How about 10 healthy snacks for travel?  Check out this blog:  The right snacks can make or break your day no doubt about it and it’s always when you’re running and need something quick to eat to hold you over until you can eat that you eat anything in sight – am I right?  I have done this more than once and usually I feel that the food didn’t satisfy me at all and if anything made me feel worse than if I had eaten something healthier.  One thing to note I always thought that nuts were fattening until my doctor wanted me to eat almonds and she told me that they were healthy for you in that they are good fat so now I nibble on almonds when I a hungry and I really like the taste of them.


Tips to winterize your skin

Lately, my skin has been very dry because the cold, dry months of winter can damage to your skin. And much like winterizing your house and car, you should take the same diligence with your skin below are a few ideas to help with dry skin.

1. Moisturize. Winter air tends to be less humid due to the cold temperatures. This can dry out your skin, especially on your face, hands and feet. Using a moisturizer packed with vitamins and emollients can help save your skin.

2. Humidify. When the cold hits, we all do the same thing — crank up the heater. Adding a humidifier to your home can put some moisture back in to the air and go a long way to helping your skin feel softer.

3. Protect. Just because we have stowed away the swim trunks and bikinis, doesn’t mean we should forego the sunscreen. The sun can do damage no matter what the season or temperature. Using a daily moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or more will prevent premature aging caused by UV rays.

4. Hydrate. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. Your organs work best when they are properly hydrated, and your skin is your body’s largest organ. Well-hydrated skin appears plump and dewy, with the appearance of fewer wrinkles.

Famous Quotes for today
On a different note read these famous quotes about saving money:–122#  One of the sayings is “the mint makes it first it’s up to you to make it last.”
Laugh, laugh, laugh
Last but not least don’t forget to laugh.  Laughter is the best medicine for your health!  Take the time to laugh, watch a funny movie, and laugh at yourself.  Have you ever noticed that you can’t be upset if you are laughing?  I’m going to leave you with one to laugh at:  I wish I had a blueprint for his brain; I’m trying to build an idiot.  Here you go with a laugh of the day website: which is where I found the one I just typed!

Laughter is really the best medicine!

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