From Passion to Profit – The Photographer’s Life

Welcome back to our guest blogger Maria Fonseca.  Maria is giving us a look into the mirror of what life can be like for a photographer making money from their passion

The industry of photography is in constant flux:  technologies, software, client expectations, etc. With the energy and money invested in becoming a professional photographer, photographers aspire to seeing a good return on their investment.


The changing global economy is witnessing major changes.  Workers are being required to relearn their jobs with new technical skills while at the same time reassessing business practices that may no longer be effective.  The profession of photography has changed as a technical craft. There no longer are darkrooms. Digital photography was born.


Today’s consumer perception of photography is simple.  Consumers don’t care about the photographer’s passion. If consumers can bargain, they will.  The client only cares about what is in it for him/her. It is the photographer’s job to show each client the value his services have for them.


Many photographers complete programs in trade schools, community colleges and universities.  But most of these institutions don’t prepare students to become good businessmen. The field is seeing that many photographers who succeed are those who come from other industries and are pursuing photography as a second or third career.  In former careers, business skills were mastered.  The concept of finding a niche market was understood.  These second/third career photographers  concentrate on developing a specific theme and making it their main field of activity.


Creating great images is not enough.  It is part of the recipe but only a small part. How do clients choose photographers with whom to do business?  Building lasting relationships, creating friendships, becoming clients’ expert, and having fun is what it is all about.  Sharing beautiful life moments is the best weapon against any type of competition.


Photography is going through a metamorphosis both technically and on the business front.  There are more photographers than ever before, yet the number of established studios decreases everyday.  Basic photography is easy for most to master with digital technology.


Passion for photography is not enough to turn passion into profit.  Most practicing photographers are self-employed, therefore wearing the hat of both photographer and entrepreneur. Professional and aspiring photographers need to understand the emotional value, business solution, and/or benefit they bring to to each client.

Maria Fonseca  781-354-6096

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