Selling Your Home? – Hire A Professional Photographer


Staging your house for sale is certainly an art with LOCATION and LIGHT being the most important qualities buyers seek. The battle to sell your house takes place on the Internet with curb appeal no longer driving initial buyer interest. After you have staged your house, a professional photographer can display its assets online.


STAGING your house in its best light is critical with LIGHTING being everything. A brightly lit (whether artificially lit or using bright sunshine) and clutter-free house attracts buyer attention.  Houses look better in the spring when a professional photographer can capture images of the exterior and interior spaces and flood them with light.  Winter is the least appealing time to sell.  But if you must, a professional photographer can capture a night shot of your house’s exterior flooded with bright light from within.  The photographer is your best partner in creating that great first impression that makes your house appealing to buyers.


The photographer does not stage your home for you.  After you have perfected the art of staging, often with the assistance of a professional stager in concert with your real estate agent’s expertise, the photographer captures what you choose to have posted on the Internet. Unnecessary items should be removed to assist buyers in mentally “moving in” with their own furniture and artifacts.  And after your house has attracted buyers on the Internet, all lights and lamps should be on during showings to set an inviting mood.


Home staging is about illusion.  It is about perfecting the art of creating a mood.  It can make your home look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, and, best of all, make home buyers want to buy it. So staging is about dressing your house for sale.


Once you have perfected the fine art of staging that highlight your house’s assets, a professional photographer can create pleasing images for display on the Internet


Some general staging tips in prepping your house for sale are:

–        Make the house shine from top to bottom.

–        Remove unnecessary items from areas that attract the most clutter.

–        Bring the outdoors inside through the use of greenery and plants. Examine       and remove any dead plants.

–        Make sure all lights and lamps are on for showings.  This sets an inviting          mood.

Proper staging will turn your house into a marketable home. The services of a professional photographer will showcase your staging online.

Maria Fonseca Photography



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