The Debate About Mold

I am pleased to present our newest guest blogger, Kevin Coates, from Servpro in Billerica.  You will be seeing Kevin’s blog the second Monday of every month.

For those looking for homes, this is great information as you look at a variety of properties: 

The big debate about mold is how dangerous or if it is dangerous at all? There has been criticism from both sides of the spectrum. I have come across a recent site in which both sides are explained in detail.  In other recent studies 50 % of homes indeed are affected with unknown moisture, and it is known that molds food source is moisture. The following is a list of places to check for mold growth.

1)      Basements

2)      Attics or crawl spaces with poor ventilation

3)      Behind the refrigerator

4)      Under kitchen or bathroom sinks

5)      Behind walls that house plumbing

6)      Windows that have leaked or condensation build up

7)      Under carpet that experienced wetness

I hope this link we supplied will help you choose which side of the spectrum you will be on.

Kevin Coates

Servpro of Billerica/Tewksbury


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