Photography & Real Estate

I am very excited to introduce guest blogger Maria Fonseca.  You will find Maria on the blog on the first Friday of the month with great information about photography.  Sometimes we forget how important taking good photographs is to the sale of our home! 


Have you ever thought about how important it is to take good photographs when selling your home and how they can affect the sale?  Advances in technology – laptops and smartphones – are making it easier for buyers and sellers to navigate the housing market.

The bulk of all home searches are starting online nowadays. Potential buyers are looking to view eye-catching interior photographs as they decide which properties to view and which Open Houses to attend. It has become increasingly important for brokers to instruct their sellers on how to prepare their homes in visually appealing ways.

To the photographer shooting interiors, it has become more than simply pointing and shooting. It now requires careful forethought and consideration. When viewing a home I look for shapes and angles that are complimentary. This can be anything from doorways, furniture, art, and even light fixtures. On occasion, I even move items to give the room a better flow. It is important to really look through the viewfinder and experiment with different angles and adjust the zoom as necessary.

Architectural interior photography is tricky business but clearly a significant factor in how long a property remains on the market.  Developing the photographic eye for proper composition certainly takes practice. To capture visually appealing images, it is important to  portray a room’s character and feel.

Brokers instruct their sellers to hide personal artifacts like family photos and to remove clutter and other obvious distractions. Overfurnished rooms do not photograph well. In interior photography, less really is more. Poor photographs make a property look less than appealing.

As a photographer, I tend to view the foreground and background as a whole and to locate my camera in such a way that foreground and background do not compete for attention. It is important to align shapes and angles to the common eye and not just the photographic eye.

A good photograph should be a great promotional tool.  It is important to post the best possible portion of the property’s rooms. In addition to paying careful attention to significant objects and details, I find it is best to  use a wide-angle lens to take in as much of each room as possible.

In addition to furniture and architectural details,  considerable thought should be given to lighting.  To make sure that the key elements in the room are given emphasis, my eyes are drawn to color and lighting.  When dealing with bright windows,  schedule your  shooting in the late afternoon or early morning hours when the sun is not as bright and there’s a better balance of light between outside light and inside light.  I even draw curtains, when necessary.

During this time when the bulk of all home searches start online, brokers are increasingly finding that it is best to hire out this very important work to a professional photographer.  It’s just too important to be done poorly.

Maria Fonseca Photography


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