Hallowe’en Tricksters and Outdoor Lightin

Thanks to Service Magic here is a great tip as we approach Hallowe’en and the tricksters who may be out and about

Another year, another Halloween costume.
If you’re worried about Halloween pranks or safety in general, outdoor lighting is an important part of your defense. Burglars don’t want to break into a house where they will be seen. Installing lights by every entrance to your home and putting in motion sensor lights will do the trick.

Security systems are another good option. Studies have shown that just having the sticker of the security company on your window lowers crime, so imagine what a system will do.

Check all your window locks. Usually they aren’t that sophisticated and we forget to keep them locked. Upgrading your window locks, or at least checking to make sure everything is secure, can add to your safety.

But on Halloween this year, why not use all your safety toys to wreak a little havoc of your own? We say when those teenage pranksters come to your darkened house, unleash all your outdoor lights and security sounds.

Just make sure to pick the teenagers and leave the little girl in the witch costume alone. Just cause she’s dressed as a witch doesn’t mean she can hang. Not that we have any experience with that.

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