The Light and Bright Rule for Selling Your Burlington Home  


You could say that selling a home—in Burlington or anywhere else in the nation—is in large part “a light show.” When you dissect marketing statistics that trace the path of the vast majority of buyers, it’s clear that the first sense that comes into play in the selling of a home is sight: either a first view of the online listing, a glimpse of a property with a “for sale” sign out front, or an image in an ad or printed handout. As the saying goes, “the eyes have it.”

Selling Burlington homes really begins with the photography. Professional photographers know that whenever they aim their cameras at something they intend to capture, as important as the actual object itself is the quality of the light that illuminates it. They talk about the “shape” of the light and whether it’s “hard” (meaning shadows are prominent) or “soft” (shadows innocuous). It’s why the pros will time a listing’s emblematic “curb appeal” shot for the sun to be in the most flattering position.  Inside, they may use as many as three or four hidden slave strobe lights to brighten larger rooms where the natural light is photographically uneven.

With few exceptions, light and bright is the rule of thumb for what succeeds best in selling a home. That guideline explains why most agree that the preferred wall colors are variations of “pale” this or “light” that. The perennial favorites are light beige, pale taupe, and pale gray-blue. The common denominator for room color recommendations is high to moderate reflectivity—in other words: light and bright! A recent published analysis of over 32,000 photos of sold homes seems to have been a largely unnecessary exercise: the leaders were (you guessed it) pale gray blue and light beige.

The same thinking leads to the good practice of preceding every showing and open house with a quick trip through the home, opening blinds and curtains and turning on lamps and overheads.

But there are exceptions, of course. Burlington homes with media rooms can often benefit from dimmed lighting that accentuates media screens. Likewise, a rich, darkly paneled study can do the same. Both make an interesting contrast with the rest of the home (and a dramatic break in the whole presentation). When showing a client’s property, some agents lead the guests on a predetermined route through the property. The idea is to manage the progression of impressions to achieve maximum impact.

When you begin to contemplate selling your own Burlington home, even if it’s not being planned for a while, I hope you will give me a call. I’ll come out so we can chat about some low-intensity preparations that will pave the way for a quick and easy eventual sale. There’s never any obligation—and there are often some early steps you can take that result in meaningful results!

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Billerica Public Library looking for local authors

Great opportunity for authors published since 2005 –


We’re looking for local authors!

Are you a local author? Would you like the chance to tell the public about your book(s), meet other local authors, and/or even sell copies? Then read on!
The Billerica Public Library is looking for published local authors to participate in our Local Author Fair to be held Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

. Authors will be afforded the opportunity to meet potential readers and share their talent with the community. The event will also provide authors with an opportunity to promote, sell, and sign copies of their work. Applications are due July 10th; guidelines and the application form can be found below, and on our website here.


  • First preference will be given to authors living in Billerica and the immediate surrounding towns (Chelmsford, Lowell, Bedford, Burlington, Carlisle, Tewksbury, and Wilmington), but those from a wider area will be considered.
  • We will only be accepting authors with works published after 2005.
  • Authors must attend the event and are responsible for their own exhibits, including money, cash boxes, change, products, signage, or other items they wish to use. If you wish to use a credit card reader, your unit must operate wirelessly and its setup and configuration are your responsibility.
  • The library will provide one shared table and one chair, but will provide no other assistance. Use of electrical outlets is not guaranteed.
  • Display materials must fit in the confines of the table space. The library cannot accommodate banners, posters, floor displays, or wall hangings.
  • The library will promote the event as a library-sponsored program, but does not endorse, promote, or spotlight any one author to the exclusion of others.
  • Space is limited. The library reserves the right to accept or refuse any application at its discretion.

If you are interested in participating, please submit an application form by July 10th, 2017. In addition to the application, authors will be required to submit a hard copy of their book, a resume, professional reviews (if applicable), and a recent photograph. Library staff will evaluate the applications and respond to all as soon as possible.

Looking in Billerica? – Make the Most of the Billerica Homes for Sale!

Not everyone who is looking at the homes for sale in Billerica needs to come up with a winner right away. If their own house has just been listed, they may reasonably estimate that it will be some months before the moving vans need to be summoned. Or they may be contemplating a move only if they happen across just the right place at just the right price.

If you find yourself in a similar kind of low-pressure house hunting mode, some basic truths about homebuying still do apply. Remember that when you finally do find just the right home at just the right price, all of a sudden you could find yourself in competition with others who see the same thing: the house they’ve been looking for!

The takeaway is that, even if your interest in today’s Billerica homes for sale is strictly low-key, it’s prudent to prepare yourself as if yours is more of a front-burner quest. Although it could seem to be more trouble than it’s likely to be worth, most people in a similar “just looking” frame of mind won’t have gone to the trouble. In other words, when the Billerica house of your dreams suddenly does come on the market, guess who’s going to be the one to land it?

Here are three checklist items that will position you to make the most of any Billerica house hunt:

  • Budget seriously. Without doubt, the place to start is by doing some financial homework. If you don’t know what you can comfortably afford, you can’t know which of the homes for sale in Billerica should be competing for your attention.
  • Get real. Unless you plan to be a cash buyer, having a mortgage lender on your team is well worth the effort. Keep in mind that being “pre-qualified” isn’t the same thing as being “pre-approved”—the more rigorous (and real) process. It spells out the precise size of the home loan you can expect to receive. It’s no surprise that sellers tilt toward prospective buyers who have bothered to get real!
  • Widen the field. Once you have narrowed the field in terms of the price range you will be considering, you can improve the chances of finding a singularly appealing property by widening your search parameters. This can mean considering homes for sale in areas you hadn’t really paid attention to—or opening your imagination to include properties with features or architectural styles you hadn’t previously thought about. Especially in an active market with tight inventories, the open-minded approach is often the one that yields pay dirt.

Today’s low home loan rates are allowing surprisingly affordable monthly payments—numbers which can transform even the least motivated prospects into active house hunters. To see what that means in terms of the actual current crop of Billerica homes for sale, give me a call!

Joan Parcewski, CRS, GRI, SRES, CSHP, MRP

Licensed MA and NH

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It all starts with making the offer

I love doing open houses and meeting those looking for their first home, their next home.

Each has their expectations at what their next home will look like – where it will be, what things they just must have, how much they can afford or much they will spend

The one question that always amazes me – “Is there room for negotiation?”

A reminder to all buyers – “The first step in purchasing or selling Massachusetts residential real estate is the presentation and acceptance of an Offer To Purchase.”    Once a seller has a”written” offer then they have 3 options before them – 1) accept   2) negotiate different price/terms   3) reject

No seller or their realtor will discuss anything about negotiation without this “written offer” in place.

A reminder that an offer should include a pre-approval (for those needing a loan) or proof of funds (for those paying cash) as well as deposit monies (usually $500/$1000) to show that you are earnest in your offer and any other required paperwork for that property,  The deposit monies will not be cashed until the offer has been fully negotiated and accepted by the seller,

So just as I said from the beginning –  It all starts with the offer.  If you want that property, make that offer or you might never own it,

If you need help with making that offer or putting your home on the market to move into the next stage of your life – give me a call,  It is always an honor to serve my clients –

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It’s Ice Dam Season – An overview from Housemaster!

Ice Dam Overview
Often when homeowners experience water leakage and damage around exterior walls and ceilings during the winter months, they think they have a faulty roof, when actually the culprit is an ice dam. Ice dams are caused by melting snow that refreezes along the lower edge of a roof, blocking the run-off from subsequent snow-melt.


ice Dam

The heat within an attic that develops as a result of radiant heat from the sun or heat loss from the living areas of the house due to inadequate insulation is a contributing factor in the formation of ice dams. This heat typically rises to the higher points of the roof causing the snow cover to begin melting at those areas. As this melting snow runs down the roof surfaces below the snow, it contacts the colder areas of the roof along the edge or eave. Once it reaches this point, the cold roof surfaces cause the water to refreeze. The continuous freezing of the melting snow forms a noticeable dam of ice. As the water from the subsequent snow melt higher up on the roof arrives at the ice dam, it is blocked and begins backing up. Eventually it can seep in under the roofing materials, leaking through the roofing and sheathing into the attic and then to the living area where it causes stains and damage to the walls and ceilings below  (click this link for for the rest of the article

Thanks to Dave Cobosco for his article.

David M. Cobosco    DMC Inspections, LLC  dfba HouseMaster
Home Inspections, Done Right   409 Middlesex Turnpike  Billerica, MA 01821
Cell: 508-479-1773

If you should run into a problem with an ice dam, immediately call someone.  The damage created if not taken care of can be extensive

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Homestead Funding – Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle Renovation Loan

Have you found a property that is right for you but it needs work?  Consider a Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation Loan. 

It can finance i to improve a property using the “after-improved appraisal value”.  There is just one mortgage and one closimg.

Loan Limits are 1 family $417,000      2 family  533,850    3 family   645,300      4 family   801,950

All renovations begin after closing.    You have 6 months to complete the renovations.  You can finance up to 6 months mortgage payments if home cannot be occupied.

Want more information – contact Chuck Hirbour at Homestead Funding –

office   978-251-8558     cell 978-835-2777

There are a variety of loan options ut there to meet your needs.  This is just one of them.

Joan Parcewski    Woods Real Estate



It’s 2015 – What’s happening around the area this January?

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives sometime we forget about what is happening around us – here are a few places to check out as we kick off 2015 – There is always something we can do that is different

American Textile Museum Lowell

American Textile Museum (Lowell) – Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol –  This display has been running since November 21st and will continue thru March 29th

Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Lowell Memorial Auditorium – Sesame Street Live – January 2nd through 4th with 5 shows!

Lowell Memorial Auditorium – Lowell Sun Charities Golden Gloves Charity Event – January 8th, 15th , 22nd. 29th 7pm

Weston Ski Track

Weston Ski Track Winter Trail Day – on Saturday, January 10th 9am to 2pm – is a national event designed to introduce everyone to the fun of being outside during the winter on cross-country skis or snowshoes.  You get a free snowshoeing trail pass, free snowshoe demos, and a free guided tour. Although some free snowshoes are available, they can only be used for 15-20 minutes per person in order to give everyone a chance to try them, but you can rent snowshoes and a pole at the regular rate of $13 ($7-$10 for kids & teens) if you want to spend a longer time on the trails.

Decordova Museum

Decordova Sculpture Park & Museum (Lincoln MA) – explore free on first Wednesday of the month – for individuals only – not intended for groups


Four Oaks Country Club in DracutBlizzard Blast, presented by Align Credit Union is a 4-6 mile Winter Obstacle Run that will be the only one of its kind in New England! Runners will be tested with a fun wintery obstacle course. There is “NO OFF SEASON this year, so grab your sneakers, gloves and winter hats as you look to take on the most exciting race of the year! – See more at: – January 24th all day

Peak your interest – check around your town and surrounding towns – there are probably events hosted by your local library, local changes, restaurants and more.  Discover your local community!

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